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Carpe Mundum Artist with a big love for still lives and different scenes.

English - Painting, Art, Drawing
Carpe Mundum · 2W ago

Which one would you take? - Welchen würdest du nehmen?

Carpe Mundum · 2W ago

Course Work: Anneliese's happy Fish - Annelieses glückliche Fische

Oh, yes, my students often paint for their grandchildren...Ohja, meine Teilnehmer malen oft für ihre Enkel...
Carpe Mundum · 2W ago

Bonbon in Red - Bonbon in Rot

You sometimes get these tiny little bonbons with the bill after dinner in a restaurant or you find them on your pillow in your hotel room. I collected some of them in different colors. I gue...
Carpe Mundum · 3W ago

Course Work: Robert's Granddaughter - Roberts Enkelin

30x40cm, oil on stretched canvas, Öl auf Leinwand
Carpe Mundum · 3W ago

Running wilde - Wild werden

Why always clean your palette?- Sometimes itself becomes a painting.What are you doing with your paint remains?Warum immer die Palette säubern?- Manchmal wird sie selbst zu einem Gemälde.Was...
Carpe Mundum · 3W ago

Tartlet by the Maitre - Tartelette du Mâitre - Törtchen vom Maitre

One of my favourite places to have coffees and cake in Bremen is "Maitre Stefan" in the old central police station or the new café in Peterswerder. The sweet treasures taste as good as they ...
Carpe Mundum · 3W ago

Course Work: Ulla's Bench - Ullas Bank

A bench far from...Eine Bank weit weg von...50x50cm, acrylics on stretched canvas, Acryl auf Leinwand
Carpe Mundum · 4W ago

Cracks in the Surface - Risse in der Oberfläche

Why should I use gesso before painting on wood?- Now, we all now. You can get such kind of cracks and have to rework your dried painting. That might be quite annoying.Warum sollte man Gesso ...
Carpe Mundum · 1M ago

Fruit Found - Fruchtfund

How tiny can a canvas be? These are 5x5cm and I've found them deep down and well-wrapped in one of my boxes for the small paintings. Any potential purchaser for 5 Dollar each?Wie winzig kann...
Carpe Mundum · 1M ago

Course Work: Dijanas Thumbsnail Paintings - Dijanas Daumennagel-Bilder

It's not always helpful to think big... Sometimes it's great to think and paint not bigger than 5x7cm small because who can paint small very well is also good at big.Es ist nicht immer hilfr...