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Catharsis motherhood+migration+angst & other insanities = Catharsis
Catharsis · 1W ago

When the Pain Haunts You

"You hurt me". Those were the last words I spoke to him as I walked away. It was to a man ...
Catharsis · 2W ago

Life is (Still) a Cliché

***If you haven’t read the original Life is a Cliché, (or Part One), click here.***Life is too short. You only live once so you have to take the bull by the horns. Don’t be afraid of challen...
Catharsis · 1M ago

Parenting Behind the Scenes

We just got done with dinner and I was, as usual, busy moving around the kitchen trying to...
Catharsis · 1M ago

This Is How Valentine's Day Should Look Like

I was surprised to see my mother-in-law up so early. In the six weeks she's been with us, she has never left her room earlier than 7:30 a.m. I was in the kitchen making breakfast and was tot...
Catharsis · 1M ago

Being a Drama Queen Helped Me Survive My Break-Up

Being partnered is great, especially if it’s a long term relationship. It offers a sense of security (no matter how false), and consequently, affords us a degree of complacency. The feeling ...
Catharsis · 1M ago


Catharsis · 1M ago

Parenting and the Burden of 'Alternative Facts'

If you have not been living under a rock this past week, you'd be painfully aware that the...
Catharsis · 2M ago

My First Time Getting a Call Back After a Mammogram

I've been very open about the fact that I'm a paranoid. My brain is wired such that my natural tendency is to think worst case scenario first, before I tap into my more rational, probability- and facts-based side. I see cough and fever and I think pn...
Catharsis · 2M ago

Lessons Learned from 2017

Yes, you read that right. 2017 with just its first six days has been generous with its teaching moments. 1. When you see all those organizing and weight-loss articles online or all over soci...
Catharsis · 3M ago

I Wish Us All an Elusive Gift

"Peace on Earth and good will to all men."All my life I’ve heard this greeting during the holidays and I’ve always thought it made sense to me.May peace be with you. I thought I understood what this meant every time this was spoken. As a child I thou...