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Catherine Cavendish · 1w ago

Coming soon, and In A Basement in Vienna...

April 24th sees the release of the second in the Nemesis of the Gods trilogy which began with Wrath of the Ancients. Emeryk Quintillus is back, bringing all his evil with him, infesting the...
Catherine Cavendish · 2W ago

Witches of the Silver Screen

Over the Easter break - and following a difficult few weeks - it was lovely simply to kick back and watch some old horror movies. A chance to reconnect with some old favourites and discover ...
Catherine Cavendish · 4W ago

Monsters All Around Us - with Russell James

Catherine Cavendish · 1M ago

Enter the Dark World of Emeryk Quintillus - ONLY 99c

ONLY 99c - BUT HURRY, OFFER ENDS SOON "Like the darkest stories of Poe, Stevenson, and Doyle, it is a slow-burning tale of claustrophobia, madness, secrets, and myths." - Beauty in Ruins "...
Catherine Cavendish · 2M ago

Loving A Gothic Ghost Story

Catherine Cavendish · 2M ago

Murder Most Notorious - The Leveson Street Slaughter

For a relatively small city, Liverpool packs a terrific punch when it comes to its rich and varied history. Home to a great cultural heritage, and some of the finest Georgian architecture to...
Catherine Cavendish · 3M ago

Forest Dancer - Susan Roebuck

My bookshelves and Kindle heave with books I love, from all genres - not merely my own. I love stories where the atmosphere pours from every page, the characters live and breathe and the sto...
Catherine Cavendish · 3M ago

What Hides Within - Jason Parent's Latest Horror - Reviewed

Catherine Cavendish · 3M ago

The Hanging Town -

Johnstown, Carmarthen may now be a quiet backwater in a rural corner of Wales, but int he past, it earned its title 'the Hanging Town'. Here, if you so much as stole some cider you could exp...
Catherine Cavendish · 4M ago

Coming Home for Christmas - a Ghost Story