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Catherine Cavendish · 1W ago

Peculiar County - smack dab in the middle of October Country- with Stuart R. West

Catherine Cavendish · 2W ago

Fantasycon 2017 - Ramsey Campbell, Adam Nevill and a Feast of Horrific Fun

It's rare enough to meet one of your favourite authors, but when two or more are gathered together... Fantasycon 2017 from the British Fantasy Society brought with it every horror, fantasy ...
Catherine Cavendish · 3W ago

Wrath of the Ancients - Read The First Chapter!

"Like the darkest stories of Poe, Stevenson, and Doyle, it is a slow-burning tale of claustrophobia, madness, secrets, and myths." - Beauty in Ruins "If you haven't had the pleasure to stum...
Catherine Cavendish · 1M ago

Waking the Ancients - Nemesis of the Gods

Cover Reveal! Waking the Ancients is the second in my Nemesis of the Gods trilogy and I am delighted to be able to reveal the stunning cover. Here's what to expect from the story:  LEG...
Catherine Cavendish · 2M ago

A Surfeit of (Ghostly) Mauds

Catherine Cavendish · 2M ago

Bone White - Ronald Malfi at his Best

A landscape of frozen darkness punctuated by grim, gray days. The feeling like a buzz in your teeth. The scrape of bone on bone. . . Paul Gallo saw the report on the news: a mass murderer le...
Catherine Cavendish · 3M ago

Of Drummer Boys and Black Monks. Haunted Dudley Castle

Catherine Cavendish · 3M ago

The Bride Who Lost Her Head

My novella – Linden Manor – features the ghost of Lady Celia Fitzmichael, about whom a scary nursery rhyme was written, which haunted my main character, Lesley Carpenter. In it, Lady Celia i...
Catherine Cavendish · 4M ago


Catherine Cavendish · 4M ago

The Orkney Witch

My novel The Pendle Curse has some of its roots in a true story. In August 1612, ten men and women were convicted, in Lancaster, England, of crimes related to witchcraft and subsequently han...