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catherinemeyersartist Fine Artist, Egg Tempera, Painting, Visual Arts, Mount Allis

English - Creativity, Painter, Artist
catherinemeyersartist · 1d ago

Happy In My Dirt

Alone Images I'm not a fan of Winter. I experience the affects of Seasonal Affective Disorder. These symptoms of SAD can also appear in the early Spring and are more commonly experienced by ...
catherinemeyersartist · 2W ago

Jeremy Dutcher - Wolastoqiyik - People of the Beautiful River

Wolastoqiyik - "People of the Beautiful River"It the kind of day today when I can't seem to get out of my own way. So I do a bit of writing, reading, muffin making and thinking about getting...
catherinemeyersartist · 2W ago

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - Freedom Highway

                                           "The time is always right to do what is right"                                                                                - Dr. Martin Luther K...
catherinemeyersartist · 3W ago

Good Friday - Making the World a Better Place - Awakening Creativity

Lent, Palm Sunday and Good Friday always leaves me with conflicted feelings of sadness, but with the joy and hope of Easter to follow. It is my favourite time of year coinciding with Spring...
catherinemeyersartist · 1M ago

Laughing Til You Snort and Pee Your Pants

I like dark humour. I heard about these two women who wrote a comedy series exploring taboo topics such as anxiety, depression and suicide through dark humour. This might sound like a contra...
catherinemeyersartist · 1M ago


In the 1980 I left my Nova Scotia home, traveling to Toronto Ontario to study Mime. It was here that I met my dear friend Kate. We were both studying Commedia dell'arte . I immediately made ...
catherinemeyersartist · 1M ago

Arthur Rothstein - "the power to move men's minds."

Rehabilitation client at spinning wheel, Ozark Mountains, Arkansas 1935 Photo Arthur RothsteinThe above photograph was taken by one of the premiere photo journalists  Arthur Rothstein. This ...
catherinemeyersartist · 1M ago

International Women's Day - Quiet

MilckToday on this 2018 International Women's Day my thoughts are of course on the strength of inner beauty, and the resilience of women today and throughout history. But I think as many wom...
catherinemeyersartist · 1M ago

Darlene Strong - Sand Hill

Darlene StrongDuring my formative early years I w
catherinemeyersartist · 1M ago

I'm Grateful for The Shit Parade

      My week started off like this, so I knew I'd have to turn it over and have faith...Mid-week I was beginning to feel a little like Qrplt*xk the Alien, but kept trusting that this was go...