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catherinemeyersartist Fine Artist, Egg Tempera, Painting, Visual Arts, Mount Allis

English - Creativity, Painter, Artist
catherinemeyersartist · 5d ago

Roberta Jane Taylor

I had my first exposure to art classes at elementary school in Toronto Ontario. Two male art teachers had a real influence on me, imparted the idea that art was important. Later on under the...
catherinemeyersartist · 3W ago

Harry Leslie Smith - Don't Let My Past Be Your Future

Harry Leslie SmithToday I listened to a very poignant and touching interview with Harry Leslie Smith, a 94 year old RAF Veteran, who is on a mission to speak out against an unjust society an...
catherinemeyersartist · 3W ago

Artists for Gender Equality

Having spent the majority of my art education during the early 70s at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and then again in 2012 at Mount Allison University, my perspective on what it...
catherinemeyersartist · 3W ago

Sarah Pound

Sarah PoundI first met and heard Sarah Pound sing, His Eye Is On the Sparrow, at a beautiful Celebration of Life service for a close mutual friend at the Baptist Church in Wolfville Nova Sco...
catherinemeyersartist · 4W ago

Stephen Fry - Mythos

Pandora - Catherine MeyersWhen I heard Stephen Fry talk today on the radio about his new book Mythos , I got excited!I learned a few things like the meaning certain words and ut was a great ...
catherinemeyersartist · 1M ago

"Wounded Faith"

Sheila Allan 1955-2017I've believed in God since I was a young one. A faith that was imparted to me by my dear late mother, for which I'm very grateful.Having experienced the loss of many of...
catherinemeyersartist · 1M ago

Writing a Memoir - Maureen Murdock

Maureen MurdockAs a young adolescent I've always been drawn to writing. Yes I was one of those girls who kept one of those little diaries carefully guarded with the small key. I felt very pr...
catherinemeyersartist · 1M ago

My Muckle Wheel

Yesterday a made an unusual and very special purchase that I couldn't really afford, but I felt like I couldn't afford to pass it up either, because I very much doubt that I'd ever have anot...
catherinemeyersartist · 1M ago

Ursula Johnson - Winner The Sobeys Art Awards - 2017

Ursula Johnson, Moose Fence 2017, Lumber, fencing, ungulate gate programed lighting. Installation view at the Art Museum at the University of Toronto This is a happy day!
catherinemeyersartist · 1M ago

Tarana Burke - Me Too

Tarana BurkeNot the easiest post to write and think about, but I'm compelled to do so, considering all the ongoing media attention and outpouring of "Me Too" posts on social media in light o...