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Omniblog · 10M ago

Noah in Perspective

In the previous installment in this series on the Great Flood in the literary tradition, we saw that the Biblical flood story, unlike its analogs in pagan literature, emphasizes the God who ...
Omniblog · 12M ago

Evening meetings at the University of Dallas

It’s easy to lose creative steam during the grey, gloppy days of a Texas winter. But I always find my writer’s enthusiasm recharged when I attend one of our evening meetings at the Universit...
Omniblog · 1Y ago

Thought for the Day

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Omniblog · 1Y ago

2017: Write One Day at a Time

The approach to New Year’s Day sees a lot of people writing — lists of resolutions for the new year, that is. Maybe list includes resolutions to maintain a writing routine this year, or to g...
Omniblog · 1Y ago

“Just for Today” Resolutions: the Daily Decalogue

Today is the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God (formerly known as the Feast of the Circumcision), but throughout the world January 1 is better known as New Year’s Day. Many people prepare for...
Omniblog · 1Y ago

The Great Flood in Literature: Joe Blow reads Genesis

When I started this reading exercise that I call “adventures in comparative mythology,” nearly two years ago, I said that one of the things I hoped to achieve was to get readers to be able t...
Omniblog · 1Y ago

Do You Have a Writing Vocation?

Do you find you really want to write more, but have trouble finding the time? Perhaps that is because you still think of writing as an avocation, a hobby, rather than a vocation, a true call...
Omniblog · 1Y ago

Purge this land of bitter things

I was surprised and gratified to discover that this was to the opening hymn sung at Mass in my parish this Sunday: Judge eternal, throned in splendor, Lord of lords and King of kings, with t...
Omniblog · 1Y ago

Glory Be to God in small things

A few years ago, I began taking walks for my health. I walked slowly, because I wasn’t capable of any speed and, at any rate, I was in no hurry to get anywhere. These walks take me along the...
Omniblog · 1Y ago

The Discovery Draft: Permission to make a mess

It’s time for our “first Tuesday” meetings — midday at Sacred Heart Books & Gifts in far north Dallas, evening at the University of Dallas in Irving, November 1 at the usual times. Why not b...