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Celtic Soul Jewelry and Pottery · 1M ago

New wall plaques available

Khari's Wiccan Treasures (Etsy) has new wall plaques available for purchase, ranging in price from $30 USD to $18.50 USD (plus shipping and handling). So mote it be & merry meet wall plaques...
Celtic Soul Jewelry and Pottery · 3M ago

New item--car charms (prayer charms)

Khari now has car charms (amulets/talismans) available on her Khari's Wiccan Treasures Etsy page.The latest car charms that have been completed, including a few moon charms.Blue pentagram ca...
Celtic Soul Jewelry and Pottery · 4M ago

New pottery available on Wiccan Treasures

Today, Khari uploaded several new pottery pieces up on the Khari's Wiccan Treasures Etsy page. Custom orders now available in iron bronze and iron brown color combination. Custom order chali...
Celtic Soul Jewelry and Pottery · 5M ago

Last chance for custom-orders (2016 production cycle)

It is your last chance to get a custom-order chalice or coffee mug this year. The deadline for getting custom-orders in for 2016 is November 18th.The option for custom-orders will remain clo...
Celtic Soul Jewelry and Pottery · 8M ago

Fifteen percent off coupon (Khari's Wiccan Treasures)

Now offering 15% off any purchase of $10 or more on Khari's Wiccan Treasures Etsy website. Just enter coupon code THANKYOU15, all caps, at check out. Go to
Celtic Soul Jewelry and Pottery · 9M ago

Dandelion Market show (July 9th Denver, Colorado)

Come see my dog & cat paw print mugs (and other stuff) at the Dandelion Artisan Market at Girls Inc., July 9th from 11 to 4 pm. I will be selling my pottery and jewelry at this artisan mar...
Celtic Soul Jewelry and Pottery · 10M ago

Open house event July 2nd and 3rd 2016

Come join us at the Open House event.House of Bast Art Studio--Celtic Soul Jewelry and Pottery, and Khari's Wiccan Treasures—July 2016 Open HouseJuly 2nd & 3rdHouse of Bast—2727 Cook St., De...
Celtic Soul Jewelry and Pottery · 10M ago

Making an event flyer (four to a page)

This is the type of four flyer to page event flier we are making here. Occasionally, it is necessary to make a flyer for your business. And if you are anything like me, you need to mutter to...
Celtic Soul Jewelry and Pottery · 1Y ago

When pots go wrong (and we have to start all over again)

One of the hazards making handmade wheel thrown pottery is that occasionally the clay ends up being too thin in some places, requiring one to re-throw the piece. Here we have the bottom of...
Celtic Soul Jewelry and Pottery · 1Y ago

Latest test tiles

The latest test tiles fresh from my kiln. New color combinations April 2016.Test tiles are a way for a potter to test glaze combinations to see how they look together. It is necessary to do ...