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Exercise as good as medicine?

Soon a cancer diagnosis may come with an exercise prescription. Intense, physical exercise improves the quality of life for men with advanced prostate cancer. Dr. Fred Saad, researcher at th... · 1Y ago

Diets do work

You may be under the impression that diets don’t work, but they do work. Just about all of them. If you want to lose weight, and don’t care about the effect on your health or anything else, ... · 1Y ago

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  I was away for the long weekend. A long standing tradition, for the last 20+ years, the May long weekend has been the start of summer training. For some in Canada the May 2-4 is the start ... · 2Y ago

Sweat is the best anti-depressant

On Tuesday morning I was at an Active Living seminar listening to Dr. Guy Faulkner, Canadian Research Chair in Applied Public Health, talk about exercise and depression. He compared the evid... · 2Y ago

Weight loss

There has been a lot of press lately about the impossibility of long term weight loss. The NY Times reported a study of past participants of The Biggest Loser and decided that it is not poss... · 2Y ago

Allergies and exercise

Have allergies? Do you take anti-histamines? They might be affecting your recovery after exercise.  Our bodies produce histamines to respond to pollens, mold. animal dander, insect bites and... · 2Y ago


  Summer is coming. I can tell and it’s not the weather, it is the arrival of superfoods. Not that they ever went away, but as the weather heats up so does the hype. Every magazine, every se... · 2Y ago

Grapefruits vs tangerines

  Did you know that if you hold three grapefruits in one hand and three tangerines in the other,  the grapefruits are about the same size as 5 pounds of fat and the tangerines about the size...