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Changed By Love · 1W ago

Spontaneous Nature Study

I spontaneously decided to read some books to Emma and Abby that I had checked out of the library. They were both nature-themed picture books. Nothing too unusual about that. But the ideas t...
Changed By Love · 3W ago

A Homeschooler Gets His First Job

Morgan has been wanting a job for a long time. Since before he turned 16. Really ever since he graduated from Modeling and Acting classes two years ago. He turned 16 on New Year’s Eve, so he...
Changed By Love · 4W ago

A Terrific Teen Who is Thriving After Homeschooling

Kelsey made a lovely dinner. All by herself. She is 17 years old. She is doing well at her job, too. We did a scope about it.
Changed By Love · 4W ago

What’s Your Philosophy of Education? Here’s Mine

A Philosophy of Education that is working for my family: Charlotte Mason believed that education is an atmosphere, a discipline and a life. In a similar vein, I see homeschooling as a lifest...
Changed By Love · 4W ago

Give a Kid a Job and Let Him Figure Out How to Do it

I asked my 13 year old son, Garrett, to put the towel rack back up in the bathroom. I gave him a few tips that I thought might help him figure out how to put it up. I don’t really know how t...
Changed By Love · 3M ago

Prayer for New Homeschool Families and Prospective Families

I did a Periscope Broadcast today. I prayed for new homeschool families and prospective homeschool families. I also prayed for those who are having a hard time getting back into the groove o...
Changed By Love · 4M ago

Prayer for Families and the Family Mountain

Watch this Periscope broadcast and join me in praying for our families!
Changed By Love · 4M ago

Teaching History Using Biographies, Autobiographies, and Living Books from the Library

Come and listen to me and Morgan as we talk about his favorite way to learn History. He reads biographies, autobiographies and other living books (books by one author who is an expert on the...
Changed By Love · 4M ago

History with Living Books- Biographies, Autobiographies, Library Books – Part 2

Come and join us as Morgan and I talk about his favorite way of learning History. If you haven’t watched the previous scope, please go to the post before this and watch it, too. https://www....
Changed By Love · 4M ago

Prayer for Homeschooled Kids

Come pray with me for our kids!