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Cheapo Groovo · 1Y ago

Heebie Jeebie Freebies

I use free stuff sites. Nothing better than an email coupon or a free sample arriving via USPS. Here are my favorites: Freestufftimes Deal News GimmeFreebies
Cheapo Groovo · 8M ago

The Single Best Way to Earn FREE BITCOIN

Thanks to STEEMIT, I am finally able to monetize this blog (which I dedicated blood, sweat, and beer to). So this is my very last post on Typepad. What a long strange trip its been. BTC Clic...
Cheapo Groovo · 1Y ago

Fixing The Economy IS Easy

Social Security Means test benefits. If you made twice the median salary in your last 5 years of employment, you get reduced benefits. Eliminate the income limits. Why should you stop paying...
Cheapo Groovo · 9M ago

The Best Tax System

0%. Did you know that we had no federal income tax until 1913 and no withholding until 194...
Cheapo Groovo · 9M ago

Congress, Banking, and Derivatives ~ Weapons of Mass Destruction

Lawmakers allowed bank consolidation and market power in violation of the Riegle-Neal Interstate Banking and Branching Efficiency Act of 1994. That act specified that no single bank may hold...
Cheapo Groovo · 9M ago

Get Your Money Out Of Banks & How To Hide It

Banks are going to charge you to make deposits. Banks keep merging and closing so you have few local choices. And banks are giving states access to your safe deposit box to remove everything...
Cheapo Groovo · 11M ago

The Best Sharing Economy Ideas

I like to make money on things I already do or already posses. Being a glorified taxi driver (Lyft or Uber) doesn't do much for me! Why not just rent your bike, surfboard, or skis Put up a t...
Cheapo Groovo · 9M ago

A New Income Stream (similar to Swagbucks)

Cheapo Groovo · 9M ago

Get Cold Hard Cash and Help Your Fellow Man

Check out The Hair Trader if you are interested in selling your hair. U can earn up to up to $135/month donating plasma. To find a blood bank near you to sell plasma, go here or here Call yo...
Cheapo Groovo · 10M ago

Billions of dollars waiting for people to claim!