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Chickens in the Road · 1d ago

Valentina’s Turn

She did it! Valentina had a fast and uneventful delivery on Friday. It’s a boy and a girl! The boy, left, has Lamancha ears. (Daddy was Hickory, my Lamancha, who was sold after he did his jo...
Chickens in the Road · 1w ago

Always A Good Day for Ducks

Ducks love rain. The other day, I was watching an Alton Brown “Good Eats” episode about cooking duck and he was talking about the fat in ducks, which is related to why they can float in wate...
Chickens in the Road · 1w ago

Little Bo Peep

What do we see across yonder barnyard? It’s a baby! And it’s a pretty one! Look at those white socks on all four feet, white underbelly, and white face (the white face being the Hereford sta...
Chickens in the Road · 4W ago

Spring At Last

Raindrops on cherry blossoms. You know it’s spring now!
Chickens in the Road · 4W ago

Of Chickens and Ducks and Eggs

Whenever I order chicks from the hatchery, they send a free “exotic” chick. You can say no to the free chick, which I try to tell myself I should do but I never listen to me because who can ...
Chickens in the Road · 1M ago

How to Make Croissants from Scratch

The best, truest French croissants, according to Julia Child, are made by the classic method with a risen yeast and milk dough, slathered in butter, folded in threes, rolled and refolded and...
Chickens in the Road · 1M ago

Mommy and Baby Time

Blossom and little Taco. (He’s like Blossom’s mini-me, isn’t he? He looks just like her.) Mommy loves her baby! But sometimes– Mommy just wants to be alone! And baby doesn’t understand!
Chickens in the Road · 1M ago

All Heads In

–as many as can fit, anyway!
Chickens in the Road · 1M ago

Pepper In the Water

Pepper loves water! Or– –she loves chasing ducks and chickens around, and running them out of the creek, for fun! (Precious is FINE, by the way, for those who asked. She doesn’t go to the ba...
Chickens in the Road · 1M ago

Morgan In the News!

Morgan was at the Capitol Rotunda in Charleston yesterday presenting her history poster with a group from WVU for an undergraduate research day–and made the news!