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Chickens in the Road · 2M ago

Glory Bee Does It Again!

Glory Bee’s new baby! It’s number four for the seasoned mama–and almost a surprise since I’d about given up that she’d have a baby by Bo the Hereford bull. Bo left in March. Cows are pregnan...
Chickens in the Road · 3M ago

Shipper Cats

Buttercup and Spice, helping me with my Etsy business. Sleeping on the job…. They’re FIRED! P.S. Thank you for missing me. I’ll report more at a future time about all going on, but I’m back!...
Chickens in the Road · 3M ago

Pressed Mozzarella

This is the best mozzarella. EVER. Here is the traditional way to make quick mozzarella, which is my most favorite cheese in the world. It’s a popular cheese for beginner and experienced che...
Chickens in the Road · 6M ago

In Georgia’s Kitchen

This is what Georgia’s kitchen looks like these days. Georgia died three years ago. As those of you who’ve been here know, her son–my cousin Mark–passed away in July, suddenly. These days, h...
Chickens in the Road · 7M ago


Those of you who have read here regularly over the years know of my cousin Mark well. He passed away suddenly yesterday afternoon. More about my beloved cousin at another time. If you’re her...
Chickens in the Road · 8M ago


Look at this calf! Photographic evidence proves that I didn’t imagine that she was born a beautiful silvery gray. Amazing coloring. I LOVED IT SO. And now….six weeks later…. Every day, her b...
Chickens in the Road · 8M ago

Pizza Margherita Flatbread

I had to do one more test on this recipe to make sure it was perfect, and I think it is now, so it’s ready to share! It’s delicious. The idea originally came from my friend Kat (who brought ...
Chickens in the Road · 8M ago

Note From the Swamp

Surfacing! Finally! This has been an overwhelming spring. The only time in weeks I’ve had a moment to breathe between Etsy shop orders (see my Etsy shop!) and workshops and the farm and all ...
Chickens in the Road · 9M ago

The New Imperial Potentate

What new mischief is afoot in the field? Gingersnap is especially curious and excited….and nervous. And confused! She’s 13 months old, and barely understands what’s happening, but she knows ...
Chickens in the Road · 9M ago

Spring View

Looking down on the farm from a walk in the upper pasture.