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Chickens in the Road · 1W ago

Wedding Pepperoni Rolls

I’m making several dozen party size pepperoni rolls this morning for an order that is for a wedding. They’ll be going in goodie bags. I’ve never seen goodie bags at a wedding before. You? No...
Chickens in the Road · 1W ago

Old Town Blue

A few months ago I got an entire new set of Old Town Blue Corelle, serving dishes and all. I absolutely fell in love with the pattern. Someone mentioned recognizing the dishes in another pos...
Chickens in the Road · 2W ago

Boston Brown Bread

Just something I felt like baking today. I’m obsessed with food. My Etsy baking days are Mondays through Thursday (for priority mail shipping). I’m off over the weekends–and still bake! Beca...
Chickens in the Road · 2W ago

Easy Homemade Lotion Recipe

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about this lotion lately, so I decided to just post the recipe! For years, I’ve taught this recipe in all-day soapmaking classes (not that it’s a soap–it...
Chickens in the Road · 2W ago

Somebody Got In Trouble

And guess who it is! Unbelievably, our year-and-a-half-old Jersey bull suddenly, inexplicably, decided to start sucking on Glory Bee last week. I’ve had plenty of calves suck on other mother...
Chickens in the Road · 3W ago

Ramp-Infused Olive Oil

Indisputable evidence that it is, indeed, April. You know it’s springtime in Appalachia when they’re selling ramps on the side of the road. If you don’t know what ramps are, they’re wild lee...
Chickens in the Road · 3W ago

Bunny Day

Happy Easter! I made blueberry pie with bunnies. You?
Chickens in the Road · 3W ago

Soaps on Sale!

Making way for a new lineup! Save up to 50% on current stock. Limited quantities of each soap are available. I’ve already sold half of the stock I had yesterday! (Yay.) You can order from th...
Chickens in the Road · 3W ago

The Frisky 60s and Other Generational Cracks

Morgan and her best friend Jennie stopped by last weekend. (Some of you may remember Jennie–she lived with us for a time when she and Morgan were in high school, after her family’s house bur...
Chickens in the Road · 4W ago

Easter Imaginings

I’m baking a really large order today for somebody–a dozen brown sugar and cinnamon croissants, a dozen chocolate croissants, a dozen butterhorn rolls, a loaf of bread, three dozen cookies, ...