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Christi Craig · 15h ago

Tiny Essay, tiny prompt

The following tiny essay and prompt is part of a working collection entitled just that: Tiny Essays, tiny prompts. If you love writing in short form like I do, and you’re up for a few weeks ...
Christi Craig · 1w ago

The Power of a Simple Photo:Excerpt from SKATING ON THE VERTICAL by Jan English Leary

“I see myself in the two of them–my mother’s prominent front teeth, the crease between her eyebrows that makes us look worried even when we aren’t. My father’s hairline with the dip in the m...
Christi Craig · 2W ago

Q&A (& #Giveaway) with Steve Wiegenstein,author of THE LANGUAGE OF TREES

“The tang of woodsmoke from cookstoves and fireplaces seasoned the evening air, and the first stars salted the sky. It was a good six miles to the railroad as the crow flew, but [Josephine] ...
Christi Craig · 3W ago

Marked as Busy: To-Do, To Eat

To-Do To Eat Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!  
Christi Craig · 4W ago

On Life and Writing. Or, the #Writing Life (or…if only)

“If only life were like a Jules Verne novel, thinks Marie-Laure, and you could page ahead when you most needed, and learn what would happen.” ~ from All the Things We Cannot See by Anthony D...
Christi Craig · 1M ago

Above and Below: a flash essay

The lake is cold but the water clear. In another day we will see a flock of loons, at least fifteen of them, moving west like shadows across the surface. That’s how quiet it is here, how saf...
Christi Craig · 1M ago

Quotables: #Writing is Sewing is Writing

“Whether your stitching is as elaborate as the Bayeux tapestry or as simple as an Amish patchwork quilt, the threads of your life are what you will weave into the fabric of your story.” ~ Pa...
Christi Craig · 1M ago

Q&A (& Giveaway) with Michael Shou-Yung Shum,author of Queen of Spades

“‘Strange,’ muttered Mannheim behind him. ‘You think you’ve seen it all, and then something comes along and shatters all your pre-established notions.'” ~ from Queen of Spades by Michael Sho...
Christi Craig · 1M ago

Remington Roundup: #Watch, #Listen, #Learn.

Now that it’s October and Fall is well under way, we are back into a routine (at our house anyway) of scheduling and schooling. Some of this is formal education, some of it just life. Like n...
Christi Craig · 2M ago

#Writing Prompts: It’s a Family Affair

“Literature is the art of discovering something extraordinary about ordinary people, and saying with ordinary words something extraordinary.” ~ Boris Pasternak (as quoted in Patty Dann’s The...