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Christi Craig · 3d ago

Your Next #Writing Move

In teaching courses online, I’ve been asked about the options of creating an outside opportunity for connecting during the course or even after the course. Some suggestions have included set...
Christi Craig · 1W ago

Quotables: Crank It Out.

In the beginning, when there are zero pages, you have to cheer yourself into cranking stuff out, even if it later lands on the cutting room floor. Each page takes you somewhere you need to t...
Christi Craig · 2W ago

Remington Roundup: #Watch, #Listen, #Learn

The temps outside are just about awful. I am fully layered, still wearing a house hat, and still pausing in front of every heating vent I pass. So, this is as good a time as any to hunker do...
Christi Craig · 3W ago

#AmReading, #AmEditing: THEN and NOW, the next anthology by the Writers at Harwood Place

Stories from THEN, essays on NOW, poetry in between. “I entered this house a new baby, coming home from the hospital in 1922. I wonder how many people have planted trees and built rock garde...
Christi Craig · 1M ago

Author Q&A: Carol Wobig, The Collected Stories

“‘Ginny,’ I whispered into the darkness. ‘Ginny.’ I was no longer Mother Adalbert, Addie, superior of a community of two thousand women. Drunks and hordes of mosquitos were my community now....
Christi Craig · 1M ago

Tiny Essay, tiny prompt

The following tiny essay and prompt is part of a working collection entitled just that: Tiny Essays, tiny prompts. If you love writing in short form like I do, and you’re up for a few weeks ...
Christi Craig · 1M ago

The Power of a Simple Photo:Excerpt from SKATING ON THE VERTICAL by Jan English Leary

“I see myself in the two of them–my mother’s prominent front teeth, the crease between her eyebrows that makes us look worried even when we aren’t. My father’s hairline with the dip in the m...
Christi Craig · 1M ago

Q&A (& #Giveaway) with Steve Wiegenstein,author of THE LANGUAGE OF TREES

“The tang of woodsmoke from cookstoves and fireplaces seasoned the evening air, and the first stars salted the sky. It was a good six miles to the railroad as the crow flew, but [Josephine] ...
Christi Craig · 1M ago

Marked as Busy: To-Do, To Eat

To-Do To Eat Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!  
Christi Craig · 2M ago

On Life and Writing. Or, the #Writing Life (or…if only)

“If only life were like a Jules Verne novel, thinks Marie-Laure, and you could page ahead when you most needed, and learn what would happen.” ~ from All the Things We Cannot See by Anthony D...