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Christi Craig · 5d ago

Q&A with Lisa Romeo, author of Starting with Goodbye

“When the time comes to eulogize my father, I have only my list and I edit as I go, turning each listed item into an anecdote, realizing this is what my father did when he tried to teach me ...
Christi Craig · 1W ago

Study Hall: #AmWriting, #AmWandering & Following the Story

Last Sunday I met with a few writers online and in the studio for another session of Study Hall: #AmWriting. I’m still early into this venture, so each time we meet there’s another tech issu...
Christi Craig · 2W ago

For no good reason.

The other night I watched Bridges of Madison County for no good reason. Other than the fact that I remember it being one of my mother’s favorite movies. And maybe it’s because we’re coming u...
Christi Craig · 3W ago

Wordless Wednesday: Let’s sit for a while.

Christi Craig · 1M ago

Q&A with Julia Stoops, author of Parts Per Million

“How seldom you recognize the start of things.” ~ Fetzer in Parts Per Million by Julia Stoops It’s true, hindsight is 20/20, that life moves along a trajectory of cause and effect, and that ...
Christi Craig · 1M ago

Quotables: #Poetry #TheRiver #Spring

On the other side of the river / there is a flame / a flame / burning May burning August . . . . a poet looks to her / a farmer looks to her / a Dialectical Materialist looks … Continue read...
Christi Craig · 1M ago

Remington Roundup: #Writing, #Revising, & #Poetry

Some people go to priests; others to poetry; I to my friends.                                                                          ~ Virginia Woolf For this edition of the Remington Roun...
Christi Craig · 1M ago

The Art of the List

I’m a list maker. Notebooks full. To-Do’s for writing, for work, for home. Finish reading this, fill out the form for that, clean and prep and buy a basket of candy. I break my list into col...
Christi Craig · 1M ago

Q&A with Paul Košir, poet and author of Perspectives of Nature

A host of bluffs and relict pines, / man’s contour farms, historic mines / are found throughout the Driftless Lands / some made by God, some, human hands. ~ from “Driftless Area” in Perspect...
Christi Craig · 2M ago

Study Hall: #AmWritingInformation & Registration on a Writers’ Meet-Up

The day job, kids’ activities, that book I long to read, an evening to binge on my favorite TV show, some days just a fear of failure. Reasons vary but the effect is always the same: it can ...