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Christian Writers Downunder · 18h ago

Taking the Pain Out of Collaboration

Collaboration, or co-writing, is cool at the moment. Four of our own wrote the collaborati...
Christian Writers Downunder · 1W ago

Introducing the 2017 Omega Writers Conference

By Iola GoultonBookings for the 2017 Omega Christian Writer’s Conference are now open. The conference is being held from 27-29 October 2017. The venue is the same as last year, the Edmund Ri...
Christian Writers Downunder · 1w ago

Writers’ Boot-camp

By Linsey PainterThis past month, I’ve been doing a 30-Day Creative Writing Boot-camp. The idea is that you get into the habit of writing whether you feel like it or not. Like an exercise bo...
Christian Writers Downunder · 1M ago

"Tall Poppy Delusions," by a disgruntled daisy.

So, this isn't my finest moment perhaps, but I need to confess something: I am a text book tall poppy cutter-downer. Shocking isn't it! It gets worse, though; nothing makes me want to reach ...
Christian Writers Downunder · 2W ago

Birthing a Book – by Ruth Bonetti

Two weeks ago I became a doting grandmother to little Archie.Two months ago I birthed a bo...
Christian Writers Downunder · 3W ago

The Unusual Writing Journey of "The Lord Jesus Christ: Fully Man and Fully God"

Christian Writers Downunder · 3W ago

Exploring Genres - Free Verse and Verse Novels

by Jeanette O'HaganIn the last Genre Post - Valerie Volk ably spoke for the value and plac...
Christian Writers Downunder · 4W ago

Bubbling Along

Have you ever seen a Bubbler Crab at work? These tiny creatures hide in their burrows duri...
Christian Writers Downunder · 1M ago

The power of story

This past week, we moved into a lovely unit almost as big as our old home of thirty-two years. However, the available space for books certainly isn’t as big. In my husband’s old study, there...
Christian Writers Downunder · 1M ago

Do you like Marginalia?

I mentioned this subject long ago on my personal blog, and thought I'd elaborate on it today. Marginalia is defined on Wikipedia as 'The scribbles, comments and illuminations in the margin of a book,' I enjoy stumbling across unexpected examples, bec...