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Christianne's Art and Comics · 1W ago

The Great Race of Yith

I started drawing when I was a kid because I wanted to draw monsters and dinosaurs. I get to do that for money sometimes as an adult, so who's to say I'm a failure in life, eh? I don't draw ...
Christianne's Art and Comics · 2W ago

Various Life Drawings Spring 2017

Here are some more life drawings. I haven't been attending as often as I'd like this spring, owing to a persistent respiratory infection. I'm slowly easing back into it, but it always feels ...
Christianne's Art and Comics · 2M ago

More Late Winter Life Drawings

Here are some more life drawings from my weekly sessions this winter. I'm getting pretty familiar with drawing our regular models, so my likenesses are getting pretty accurate.  I should hav...
Christianne's Art and Comics · 4M ago

More Life Drawing, Winter 2016

Here are some more drawings from my weekly figure drawing session. The above drawing is another in a long series of awkward poses. I'm an absolute champion at finding difficult foreshortenin...
Christianne's Art and Comics · 4M ago

Fall Figure Drawings

Here are some of the drawings I've made at the weekly figure drawing sessions I attend every Thursday. The drawing at the head of this post is conte crayon on 96lb Canson drawing paper. The ...
Christianne's Art and Comics · 9M ago

Gamera vs. Gyaos

Kaiju smackdown. Drawn mostly at the urging of Sophie Campbell. Brush and ink on Bristol board. Somewhat delayed by the tornado that hit my fair city and knocked out our power for a few days...
Christianne's Art and Comics · 9M ago

Some Drawings of Women

Here are some of my recent drawings.These four drawings are a eventually going to be game avatars for a project I'm working on. There's an emphasis on diversity in this project, w
Christianne's Art and Comics · 12M ago

Collaboration is Fun

The Madames des Comiques group on Facebook has been doing an ink exchange this year, where various lady-type artists submit pencils for the other participants to ink. I've been really enjoyi...
Christianne's Art and Comics · 1Y ago

Another Male Nude

Here are a couple of drawings from my last life drawing session. These are red col-erase Prismacolor pencils on crappy Canson sketchbook paper. I need to invest in better sketchbook paper be...
Christianne's Art and Comics · 1Y ago

St. Valentine's Art Dump

Here's some art I've made since last we spoke. I apologize if you've seen some of this before on my social networks. The above piece is the first live figure drawing I've done since December...