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Christine Macdonald Writer. Speaker. Recovering Narcissist.

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Daniel Audet

Reads about: writing, books, publishing, fiction, book reviews

Carolyn Iyer

Reads about: life, spirit, time, love, general interest

Marit Kemppainen

Reads about: humor, life, single, woman, current events

Jane Davis

Reads about: technology, writing, publishing, travel, love

Joel Momberg

Reads about: humor, life, parenting, politics, family

Liz Huett

Reads about: love, humor, writing

Maggie Dalton

Reads about: writing, books, poetry, social media, marketing

Jessica Northey-Shaw Blogger/Writer, Doer, Creator, Promotions, Branding, PR, New & Social Media Mastermind who ❤'s God, ...

Reads about: social media, radio, twitter, spiritual, marketing

Tina Witherspoon

Reads about: parenting, politics, divorce, life, love

Kjersti Bohrer

Reads about: motherhood, alcoholism, stripper, love, writing

Ariana Kim

Reads about: love, humor, writing

Cheney Giordano I am a 30 year old single mom living on the south eastern Connecticut shore. My daughter Elise is se...

Reads about: humor, parenting, life, writing, family

Eiddwen Jones

Reads about: writing, humor, love, family, paris

Saif Touseef Lashkar...

Reads about: poetry, writing, art, hyderabad, literature

Elizablest Moonrose

Reads about: writing, science, cats, art photography, humor

Suci Rahayu

Reads about: life, writing, humor, parenting, family

Sarah Lynn

Reads about: life, kids, humor, family, food

William Daniel Haras...

Reads about: politics, wildlife, wyoming, humor, political analysis

Jim Swimm

Reads about: pop culture, gay, gadgets, entertainment, politics

Amanda Lp I write books. I blog about mental health, writing tips & advice, and life.
In addition to my blog...

Reads about: writing, mental health, publishing, humor, life

Silvano Pasquali

Reads about: love, humor, writing

Lisa Williams

Reads about: politics, humor, writing, life, family

Jo Kloehn

Reads about: love, humor, writing

ארווין מוט

Reads about: news, music, headlines, photography, poetry

Sanda Abramovici-Lam

Reads about: humor, love, life, writing, parenting

Will A Nel

Reads about: love, humor, writing

Рустем Гафуров

Reads about: love, humor, writing

Pauline Gaines I'm a survivor of a world-class gnarly divorce. My ex-husband is suing me for full custody of our so...

Reads about: parenting, divorce, motherhood, humor, writing

Darrin Vindiola

Reads about: travel, retro, disney, humor, entertainment

J Carter Shelton Freelance writer, blogger and voice actor, currently working on a novel of my own. I am also an avid...

Reads about: writing, voice acting, writers, books, audio recording and production

Sade Lana

Reads about: land sale, legal backing for stealing, dilema of selective judgement., real estate, ineffective punishment

Samuel John Pulla

Reads about: love, humor, writing

Rockie Heart Hello peeps!! My name's Racquel, but you can call me Rockie. I am a girl hoping to, one day be publi...

Reads about: writing, books, reviews, book reviews, reading

Jordan Acosta

Reads about: love, humor, writing

Jamie Bond I love to read and network!

Jamie Bond is a poet who loves guns so much
she tries to spyt hollow...

Reads about: writing, poetry, books, life, publishing

Mei Yin Amoey

Reads about: jokes, humor, psychology, personal, love

ชัยยุทธ์ ภาระเพิง

Reads about: กลอน, poem, สหาย, music, widget

Jenny Hilborne Author of mysteries and thrillers; a native Brit roaming around California, looking for a good cup o...

Reads about: writing, books, humor, reading, publishing

Laurinda Mwhatever

Reads about: writing, life, humor, women, gardening

Lalita Thuankamhuang

Reads about: love, humor, writing

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