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Cisco Collaboration Blog · 10h ago

Cisco Spark Achieves ISO27001 Certification!

Cisco Spark has achieved ISO27001 certification, giving you confidence that we're following best practices around operating a secure cloud service.
Cisco Collaboration Blog · 10h ago

7 Things to Know About AI and Customer Care

Seven things to know AI and customer care that could result in lower costs and better service for customers globally.
Cisco Collaboration Blog · 4d ago

Cisco and BT Research the Digital Consumer

Cisco and BT recently surveyed 5,000 consumers across Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas about their changing expectations for customer service. Review these eight trends against your cu...
Cisco Collaboration Blog · 4W ago

5 Things to Look for in a Small-Business Phone System

Learn how you can help your small business improve communications, simplify IT management, and save money through a better communications and telephony setup.
Cisco Collaboration Blog · 1M ago

Cisco Collaboration: We Can’t Imagine a World without Microsoft

Cisco is investing more today in integration with Microsoft technologies than we have ever done before. Our philosophy has always been that we will support customers that want a mixed-vendor...
Cisco Collaboration Blog · 1M ago

Crowdsourcing Your Contact Center Agents. Is It Coming?

The Cisco Finesse agent desktop is designed to provide a great experience for customer support agents, and provides a flexible and open interface.
Cisco Collaboration Blog · 1M ago

Meet the Need for Speed: Cisco Spark Board Annotation (and More)

Explore a set of new Cisco Spark Board capabilities to improve creative teamwork. We’re adding annotation, improving how attendees see each other, and simplifying deployment.
Cisco Collaboration Blog · 1M ago

Scheduling WebEx Meetings Is Easier (and Faster) than Ever

New WebEx joining, calendaring and personalization features to bring you more flexibility and options to your meetings.
Cisco Collaboration Blog · 1M ago

Meet Cisco Spark Assistant, Your Virtual Assistant for Meetings

Meet Cisco Spark Assistant - the world’s first enterprise-ready voice assistant specifically designed for meetings.
Cisco Collaboration Blog · 1M ago

Better, Bolder, and Built for AI: Introducing Cisco Spark Room 70

Introducing the Cisco Spark Room 70, our flagship video collaboration device. The Room 70 brings together people, content, and artificial intelligence (AI) to help teams be more effective.