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Click's Clan Blogging from a small Scottish island

English - Films, Reading, Infertility
Click's Clan · 6h ago

Silent Sunday: Sunset

Click's Clan · 1d ago

Film Review: Lion

Several years ago I happened upon an article on BBC News about a guy called Saroo Brierley. It was an interesting story and obviously it lodged itself in the back of my brain because a few y...
Click's Clan · 1d ago

The Return of the Wobbly Rat!

We were away on the mainland all day yesterday. We left on the 7am boat and returned at 7pm. It was a long (but lovely) day (more about that in another blog post).But we returned to a Dodger...
Click's Clan · 1d ago

Life Through A Lens

I don't normally say much about current events on the blog. That's not to say I don't pay attention to the News. I do. I devour it, from as many different sources as I can. I never used to b...
Click's Clan · 1d ago


Sitting...... in the middle of charger central.To my left is my phone, charging after I was playing with it at work today and then used it to track my evening walk with Tara. On the left han...
Click's Clan · 5d ago

Books 35 & 36 of 2016: His Other Lover by Lucy Dawson & A Child's History of England by Charles Dickens

After reading some relatively highbrow collections of essays I moved on to some lighter material (and almost instantly regretted it).His Other Lover by Lucy Dawson came to me in a big bag of...
Click's Clan · 6d ago

#atozchallenge: Theme Reveal

Today is an important day in the A to Z Challenge calendar, it's Theme Reveal Day!Not everyone who takes part in the A to Z Challenge adopts a theme, I'm sure that a number of people who wil...
Click's Clan · 1w ago

Silent Sunday: Springing

Click's Clan · 1W ago

TV Series Review: The Muppet Show

Many years ago we picked up the first and second series of The Muppet Show and started watching it. At some point we stopped and never actually got any further through the series but a littl...
Click's Clan · 1W ago

Word of the Year: Succeed

I thought I'd blogged about this before, but I've had a scan back through my past posts and it turns out that I didn't ever get around to it. Oops. This is why I should keep a record of what...