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Pleasurable Hobbies · 3d ago

Last Winter, Last Breath, Final Goodbye

It was Friday, March 10th, when we got a call about my  father-in-law.  I was  attending a...
Pleasurable Hobbies · 3W ago

It's Not Just about School Work, You Have to Teach Your Children about Life Too

A common problem in this day and age is that people feel as if their time at school didn’t prepare them enough for adulthood and adult-life, and that they were just thrust into it without really understanding what they were doing, and still don’t. Th...
Pleasurable Hobbies · 3W ago

Tax Season: The Effect of Buying and Selling a House

I can't believe it's been a year since we bought  this home that we are now living in.  Time flies so fast that I can still remember  being so busy putting things away' or trying to find things in a pile of boxes.  We bought  this  home in March of 2...
Pleasurable Hobbies · 1M ago

The Computerize Way to Keep A Young Family Operating Smoothly

Pleasurable Hobbies · 1M ago

Grandpa's Passion for Music

MusiciansFrind is having a Presidents' Day sale. I love this Gibson limited edition Redwood Les Paul standard #electricGuitar🎸🎶 . I wish I can afford one lol. It cost $3,199, now that's a lo...
Pleasurable Hobbies · 1M ago

New Windows Installed

Buying a home is exciting, however, if you are buying a home that isn't new, repair and remodeling is  necessary.  The home that we bought last year  is more spacious that  what we had  from our old home.  Even though it is in need of a lot of update...
Pleasurable Hobbies · 1M ago

Spend Wisely & Save Wisely

They say a fool and his money are easily parted, and that is why it is so important to kee...
Pleasurable Hobbies · 2M ago

Organizing My Son's Room

I finally got to organized my son's bedroom.  We got him a laptop for Christmas and a desk...
Pleasurable Hobbies · 3M ago

Shoe Racks, Multi-Purpose Hook Rack and more #DIYprojects

I asked my husband  to build me a shoe  rack in one of our closets so we went to  the hardware store to get the  ,materials we needed.  Then he  suggested that it would be faster if we can just buy those ready-made  shoe rack kits and just put it tog...
Pleasurable Hobbies · 3M ago

Stocking Stuffer, Homesickness, ETC

4 Days till Christmas, yay!  Stockings are  stuffed, gifts are wrapped, and hubby  took tw...