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Clicks and Pops Located somewhere between music and silence, wow and flutter, past and future
Clicks and Pops · 1w ago

This is Everything

I love Jane Siberry's music.I listened to her first five albums over and over again. Saw her live a half dozen times in the 80s and early 90s.And then I tried to get into her later stuff.It...
Clicks and Pops · 4W ago

Got to Pay Your Dues if You Wanna Sing the Blues...

Here's something cool I'd never heard before...Thanks, YouTube Rabbit Holes...
Clicks and Pops · 1M ago

Song for America

I guess the good news is it starts with a single step.What is happening is not who we are as a nation.
Clicks and Pops · 2M ago

Dodge This

I'm a sucker for all things Badfinger.So here's a B-side from the debut album by the Dodgers, the band formed by Badfinger's Tom Evans and Bob Jackson (who joined Badfinger for the Head Firs...
Clicks and Pops · 3M ago

New Video for New New Pornographers

High On the Spirit, Hopped Up On MysticFor the longest time, I would refer to XTC as "my favorite band that still exists." That let me off the hook in terms of deciding if I preferred XTC t...
Clicks and Pops · 3M ago

Really, Why

MiasmaA dollop of genuine weirdness.Craig Ferguson. They Might Be Giants. And John Hodgeman.What more could you want?
Clicks and Pops · 4M ago

New New Pornographers

As if a clarion call went up in the land.No more darkness, no more despair.Yes, times are dangerous.Yes, we're all at great risk.Yes, this could all be for nought.But take up arms because th...
Clicks and Pops · 5M ago

Join the Human Race

Clicks and Pops · 5M ago

Just me and Barry McGuire

Why do you ask?
Clicks and Pops · 5M ago

Save Your Illusions

Where Angels Hover, I'll Hover TooMay you live long enough that the useful experiments you long ago dismissed become clearer to you not just because of their failures but because of the nugg...