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CLiPiCs HeART · 9M ago


“Narcissists want to be the centre of attention. They will boast, brag and tell exaggerated storiesabout themselves to make out that they are brilliant. They will often mix lies with truths ...
CLiPiCs HeART · 9M ago


I'm not going back to bedYou are stuck in my headYour sweet beautiful bodyAs you made love with meTook me in and held me tightCuddled all through the nightTo wake up still togetherIn bed, bo...
CLiPiCs HeART · 9M ago

All I am

What I give you, is all I amFrom you, nothing is hiddenI laid myself bare for youI took the risk for painEvery nook and cranny is openCome on in, dig deep and exploreEvery thought and emotio...
CLiPiCs HeART · 10M ago

Do I worry

Do I worry, of course, Worry I do I have a beautiful female friend She cares for me She kisses me She hugs me tightI see her emotion When I look in her eyes She makes me smile She makes me...
CLiPiCs HeART · 11M ago

Special and Funny

Special and FunnyIt started out with a ten minute bus journey Taking an Hour and terminating suddenly !Half a mile short of where we weren't meeting She had misheard which number bus I was o...
CLiPiCs HeART · 12M ago

It's just a Flat Cap

It's just a Flat CapIt's just a flat capSeen on stages worldwideworn with aplomb and prideRakishly clamped downAtop a head of aging curlsIt's just a flat capWorn by my GrandadSaw action thro...
CLiPiCs HeART · 12M ago

Small Minds

Small MindsSmall places and towns where we growBreed Small minds, don't you knowMaking big accusations, unfoundedPeeing on wall in town unwarrantedA big troop of Monkeys in a campAnd the Pri...
CLiPiCs HeART · 12M ago


CascadesYour hair cascading down over my faceCreating our very own private spaceSurrounded by youAll I can see is that beautiful faceAbove me filling my visionI feel you shiftAnd your boobs ...
CLiPiCs HeART · 12M ago

Your Loss

Your LossYour acceptingYour ireYour angerYour martyrdomYour victimisationYour selfishnessYour dramaYour agendaYour innocenceYour realityYour Loss
CLiPiCs HeART · 12M ago


GladnessI'm glad that I wasted all those hoursWasted for me but not it appears for youAll that time invested in what I believedWould lead to the love of my lifetimeTurned out to be no more t...