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Jane Shapiro

Reads about: jewish, social media, education, music, innovation

Bill Robinson

Reads about: social media, israel, music, jewish, jewish education

Miriam Brosseau

Reads about: jewish, social media, music, peoplehood, judaism

Jim Goodrich

Reads about: jewish, social media, music

Ira Wise

Reads about: israel, jewish education, jewish, judaism, education

Peter Eckstein

Reads about: jewish education, jewish, judaism, education, synagogues

Joe Black

Reads about: jewish education, social media, israel, jewish, social network

David Bryfman

Reads about: jewish, jewish education, education, judaism, peoplehood

Michelle Richardson

Reads about: attachment parenting, breastfeeding, social media, jewish, parenting

Jack Zaientz

Reads about: social media, jewish, music, macs, mindmaps

Theresa Carter Goodr...

Reads about: social media, life, chicago, jewish, travel

Liz Fisher

Reads about: jewish, judaism, jewish education, social media, music

Iris Koller

Reads about: judaism, jewish, jewish education, social media, synagogues

Moshe Hecht

Reads about: jewish, social media, music

Alicia Post

Reads about: jewish, education, technology, social media, marketing

Michael Geffner

Reads about: writing, poetry, literature, books, music

Allison Fine

Reads about: social media, politics, social change, millennials, music

Sami Stein Avner

Reads about: social media, music, jewish nonprofit, jewish, social entrepreneurship

Robert Reuven Pass

Reads about: jewish, judaism, technology, israel, torah

David Paskin

Reads about: jewish, social media, music

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