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Cognitive Dissidence · 9h ago

Mike McCabe: I'm Common

Blue jeans dude Mike McCabe really, really, really wants the job of Blue Jeans Governor. He wants it so badly that anything is game when it comes to showing how deep his farming roots are. W...
Cognitive Dissidence · 18h ago

Right Wing Round Up

By Jeff Simpson In the new era of Reich right wing rule in our country, the insane stories are flowing more than anyone can keep up.  Here is a quick update of a few you may have missed. 1. ...
Cognitive Dissidence · 2d ago

Scott Walker Skips Parenting & Writes A Letter

By Jeff SimpsonWith a national debate started by the NFL Players, and the President weighi...
Cognitive Dissidence · 4d ago

The Green Bay Packers Need To Sign Colin Kaepernick

Most people who follow football and/or live in Wisconsin know that Green Bay Packers star quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, went out in the first half of the game against the Minnesota Vikings wit...
Cognitive Dissidence · 5d ago

Alex Walker - Baby Driver

By Jeff Simpson Alex Walker, 22 year old, college graduate son of Scott Walker was recentl...
Cognitive Dissidence · 6d ago

The The Three Stooges Of Wisconsin

By Jeff SimpsonH/T James Rowen @Political Environment:The House approved a bill helping fe...
Cognitive Dissidence · 1W ago

Hemp: Its Time Has Come

By Kathleen VinehoutFarmers in diverse states like Hawaii, Kentucky, Maine and Minnesota a...
Cognitive Dissidence · 1W ago

Eminem's FreeStyle Takedown

By Jeff SimpsonFrom the BET Awards Last night:
Cognitive Dissidence · 1W ago

Scott Walker Has Hand On Heart And Fingers Crossed

By Jeff SimpsonThe flag debate is one that seems to be ramping up instead of losing steam.   We have covered, and everyone has covered, the professional athletes protests during the national...
Cognitive Dissidence · 2W ago

Scott Walker - AMATEUR

By Jeff SimpsonChristmas has arrived early for the good people of WI.  Scott Walker is giving us the opportunity, for a small price of $150.00 to buy a copy of his book and a cheesehead, and...