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Cold Antler Farm · 11h ago

Soft Snow

A storm is on the way. The afternoon was dedicated to preparing for it. Right now as the w...
Cold Antler Farm · 1d ago

The Missing Storm Hen

Yesterday was special here, the first real snowfall of the season was coming to Cold Antler and I was ready. I had spent the morning stacking and covering the last of the firewood delivery. ...
Cold Antler Farm · 1d ago

Hunting Season For Deer is Over

So, I'm back to posting more. Thanks for checking in!
Cold Antler Farm · 4W ago

Still Offering This Sale!

Running a flash sale on illustration gift certificates for the holidays! You buy now and g...
Cold Antler Farm · 5d ago

Supper Club

Sir Benjamin Thompson is not a name many people know, but all winter long when I walked in...
Cold Antler Farm · 1W ago

Holiday Soap!

So proud of these new soaps! Made from my own pair of hand-milked goats and infused with e...
Cold Antler Farm · 1W ago

Paradise Set on Low

The sun went down and I headed off my mountain perch and back towards the little white far...
Cold Antler Farm · 2W ago

Year of the Deer

Hunting has taken over this small life. I am drunk on the hope of finally getting a deer a...
Cold Antler Farm · 2W ago

Slugs & Scythe

It's deer season and every moment I have to spare afternof farm chores, freelance, and 186...
Cold Antler Farm · 3W ago


Just wrapped up a delightful little project this morning, or rather the bulk of it. A read...