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Cold Antler Farm · 4d ago

Long Winter, Make Light

This morning, when I walked downstairs into the living room the first thing I did was ligh...
Cold Antler Farm · 1Y ago

Thank You

Readers,Every once in a while I will suggest you consider subscribing to this blog. It's entirely free to read the posts, see the pictures, and share the adventure. It always will be. But al...
Cold Antler Farm · 6d ago

Lots of Love!

Happy Valentines Day from Cold Antler Farm! May you find your farms and homes filled with ...
Cold Antler Farm · 1W ago

Canter to Trot

A heavy snowfall came down on the farm all day yesterday and last night. It gave me a morn...
Cold Antler Farm · 2W ago

Lamb Shares Available!!

If you live locally (I am north of Albany, NY) and are interested in a whole or half lamb ...
Cold Antler Farm · 2W ago

Dead Horse Words

I have been working on a piece about a dead horse for days, which I plan on sharing here b...
Cold Antler Farm · 9M ago

Come to Cold Antler & Leave a Fiddler or Archer!

Come to this farm this summer (or fall) for a special trip to see this place and leave wit...
Cold Antler Farm · 3W ago

Silk Sky

I was standing outside in a light snowfall tonight, and I was poorly dressed. It was 20 degrees and snowing and I was wearing a three-year-old Carhartt plaid button up and some old cargo pan...
Cold Antler Farm · 3W ago

Growing Up Fast!

Cold Antler Farm · 3W ago

Warm Fires, Warm Friends!

With January nearly behind me and the long stretch of February and March ahead, I am leani...