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Cold Climate Gardening · 9h ago

Why Can’t It Just Work?

This is a test to see if MailChimp is sending out an email notification after I publish a ...
Cold Climate Gardening · 2d ago

New Plants Blooming In August

There is a comfort in seeing plants bloom when you expect them to bloom. You sense the rhy...
Cold Climate Gardening · 2W ago

Rescuing the Madonna Lily: Lilactree Farm Garden Notes, No. 4, 2017

Have you ever rescued a plant in your garden that had almost died out? Sometimes we can move such a plant and nurse it back to health in a new location. Guest contributor Brian Bixley did just that with the Madonna lily, called by Helen Dillon "the l...
Cold Climate Gardening · 3W ago

What’s Blooming In My Damp Meadow

I get so engrossed with gardening around the house during the summer that I tend to ignore...
Cold Climate Gardening · 1M ago

What Placeholder Plants Can Do For You

When I finally grasped the concept of placeholder plants, it changed my life. Well, what I...
Cold Climate Gardening · 1M ago

Test Post for the WordPress Cron

This is a test post to see if the WordPress cron task scheduling system is working.
Cold Climate Gardening · 1M ago

The Flowery Lawn

What would happen if you didn't mow your lawn? We often let the grass get pretty shaggy be...
Cold Climate Gardening · 2M ago

New Peonies! Lovely And Mysterious

Two and a half years ago I acquired a couple of peonies through a members-only sale of my ...
Cold Climate Gardening · 2M ago

Red Elderberry: Wildflower Wednesday

I've lived here over five years now, but just when I think I've seen all the plants that g...
Cold Climate Gardening · 3M ago

Lilactree Farm Garden Notes, No. 2, 2017: Lily Beetles, Weatherland, and A Very Early Spring

"Most discussions of lily beetles are a little helpful and considerably depressing. Many g...