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ColdhamCuddliescalling · 3d ago

Safely Back Home - and Some Up to Date Cuddlies' News as well.

Hello Everybody!  Isobel here with a shorter post than usual, because I only got back to Kirkby in Ashfield on Tuesday afternoon, and much of the time after that has been spent catching up w...
ColdhamCuddliescalling · 2W ago

Duckling Toy Production - Part 2

Greetings to you all!  Cy Bear here again, on a beautiful sunny afternoon - with temperatures in this part of the UK at summer time ones today.We've been very busy here in the ColdhamCuddlie...
ColdhamCuddliescalling · 3W ago

Introducing our Easter Ducklings as well as News of Old Friends.

Hello Everyone: Cy Bear being allowed to chat with you again!  Once Isobel gets going, there's no stopping her, and I never know if - or WHEN, for that matter - I'll get the chance to chat w...
ColdhamCuddliescalling · 1M ago

Cuddlies' Poultry Production - Update

Hello again Everyone - as usual this week has rushed by: Cy Bear is still off-duty, as it's better that I take over when any explanations of how COLDHAM CUDDLIES Toys are produced (or Patien...
ColdhamCuddliescalling · 1M ago

Planned new projects - and first steps in achieving them

Greetings to Everyone - on this typically Spring Day in the UK!Cy Bear is being given a break this week, since today's subject is more in my field of operating the COLDHAMCUDDLIES Shop (www....
ColdhamCuddliescalling · 1M ago

A Dressed Grey Wolf finds a Forever Home in New York State, U.S.A.

Hello again, everyone - where did last week go then? Cy Bear back, as promised to tell you about the latest COLDHAMCUDDLIES Toy to leave the UK for a new Forever Home.This time, it was one o...
ColdhamCuddliescalling · 1M ago

The Patient/Adventurer is Back Home.

Hello Everyone!Cy Bear back again and this week able to finalise the Adventures of Puffin, who as the title of this week's bulletin says, got back home early last week.  The news was conveye...
ColdhamCuddliescalling · 2M ago

Latest News about Puffin - having departed the UK, and homeward bound.

Hello Everyone!  Cy Bear once again - a little disappointed not to be able to share the news with you that Puffin has finally reached home in Warwick, Rhode Island - but that,  I am given to...
ColdhamCuddliescalling · 2M ago

PuffinR's Treatment - Part 3: He can go home on Monday

Greetings Everyone!Cy Bear back again, now that Isobel has completed her duties in the ColdhamCuddlies Soft Toy Animal Restoration Clinic (
ColdhamCuddliescalling · 2M ago

Puffin R - Part 2: Progress Report on His Restoration Therapy.

Good afternoon Everybody:Cy Bear starting off this week's bulletin - because ever since I chatted with you last week,  it has become obvious that some of the statements made in introducing P...