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Will Hobbs

Reads about: sbc, convictional baptists, christian, southern baptist, conservative

Robert Davis

Reads about: sbc, christian, conservative

Bitsy Griffin I still don’t know what I want to do in life. I suffer from a severe case of wanderlust.

I seriou...

Reads about: christianity, religion, bible, theology, education

Ronald Eugene Shultz

Reads about: christian, baptist, christianity, attorney, prose and poetry/music

Mark Mitchell I am a conservative Southern Baptist Pastor. I rely on the infallible, inerrant Word of God. I not o...

Reads about: sbc, southern baptist, christian, christianity, religion

Terry W. Dorsett church planting strategist, bivocational pastor, author of numerous books, father of three young adu...

Reads about: christianity, faith, christian, theology, religion

Susan Noyes

Reads about: faith, church growth, liberal, progressive, teenagers

Mark K. Parish I am head of the media ministry at my church and have preached several times at my church and more r...

Reads about: christian, family, life, money, encouragement

Todd W. White

Reads about: sbc, christian, conservative

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