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ConsumerResources · 1d ago

Firdosh Roowalla: The Compost King – He’s Recycling Waste into Clean Soil Nutrients

I first learnt of Firdosh Roowalla through an article published in 2015 in Sakaal Times. The article talked about an entrepreneur in Pune who converted the old school concept of waste degrad...
ConsumerResources · 2d ago

Matters of the heart

Squeezing a wedge of lemon into a glass of warm water, Dr. B.M. Hegde says, “It’s the best medicine for an acidic stomach. You don’t have to run to the hospital for every ailment.” “Not even...
ConsumerResources · 3d ago

Real Estate Regulation and Development Act 2016

by Adv. Vinod C. Sampat, Sampat Law Firm Government of India has enacted the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act 2016 and all the sections of the Act shall come into force with effe...
ConsumerResources · 3d ago

All you wanted to know about GST

  Click Here for FAQs on GST for Mutual Funds Distributors by DSP BlackRock
ConsumerResources · 2W ago

How rain-rich Chennai depends on the sea for its water supply

Dropping crystals in clouds to induce rain, transporting water from other states by trains, covering a reservoir with thermocol to check loss of water to evaporation -there was no dearth of ...
ConsumerResources · 2W ago

Mumbai’s Environment Is Being Ravaged For The Metro

An environmental disaster in the making. Japan got its first underground metro in the 1920s. Nearly a century later Mumbai is scheduled to receive its first metro by 2020. Young Mumbaikars, ...
ConsumerResources · 3W ago

Patient Safety Alliance

The Patient Safety Alliance is an initiative that will empower patients, support health care professionals and create a movement to promote awareness of patient safety and take action to red...
ConsumerResources · 1M ago

Applicability of GST on Co-operative Housing Societies

GST on CO-OP. SOC. OFFICE BEARERS OF CHS. I AM QUITE SURE THIS MAIL WILL BE OF INTEREST TO YOU . GST Insight and applicability of GST on Co-op Hsg Societies- Why Maharashtra Housing Society ...
ConsumerResources · 1M ago

Bank to pay if it fails to abide by RBI circular, harasses customer

Banks sometimes disregard the RBI circulars and even the pro vision of law, and overcharge consumers or harass them. An aggrieved consumer can fight for his rights and get justice under the ...
ConsumerResources · 1M ago

This Farmer Won the Padmashri for His Zero Budget Natural Farming Model

  After witnessing the harmful effects of chemical farming, Subash Palekar, a B.Sc in Agriculture, developed the Zero Budget Natural Farming model. ‘Krishi ka Rishi’ is the title farming com...