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Conversations in Literacy · 1W ago

Prove It To Me!

We've been reading folktales and learning how to prove our answers.  Since it is spring I decided to use Easter eggs to teach this skill.  My students just love these stories!  There is something about them that appeals to kids over the years.  
Conversations in Literacy · 1M ago

Game Night for Family Literacy

Candy Land Game Night!  This was the theme of our recent Family Literacy Night.  I think Game Night has been one of my favorite themes that we have done!  The Candy Land colors were great for spring time and our families had a lot of fun.There was a ...
Conversations in Literacy · 1M ago

Book Tasting

Have you been to or hosted a book tasting party?  They are a lot of fun and a great way to build up enthusiasm and engagement with all kinds of different books!My second graders were starting informational books, so I used non-fiction books for this ...
Conversations in Literacy · 1M ago

Do The Chunky Monkey Chop!

We've been doing the Chunky Monkey Chop a lot recently during guided reading.  It's catchy and easy for the kids to remember!  This reading strategy helps my little readers break apart words as they are reading.We started with a blank chart and stude...
Conversations in Literacy · 2M ago

Brain Warm Ups and Key Word Summaries

It's time for guided reading groups.  The students come to the table, find their seats and get ready to begin.  It's time for a warm up.  A brain warm up!We get settled in and warm up our brains to get ourselves ready to read.  A quick review helps g...
Conversations in Literacy · 3M ago

Getting Sight Words To Stick!

We all know how important knowing sight words is to our students and their reading success.  Getting those sight words to become automatic and stick with them in their little brains can take a bit of work sometimes!  I use a multi-sensory  sight word...
Conversations in Literacy · 3M ago

Taming the Word Work Chaos

Isn't this how it usually goes...the new year rolls around and we decide to get our homes and classrooms organized.  I don't know about you, but word work materials can quickly become chaos!  Many student groups, all on different levels needing diffe...
Conversations in Literacy · 3M ago

Inspiring Student Writing

Happy New Year!!  It is almost time to head back to our students and our classrooms- our h...
Conversations in Literacy · 4M ago

Are Your Students More Than A Reading Level?

Reading levels....and students knowing their reading levels has been on my mind a lot lately.  Have you read Jill Backman's article on Fountas and Pinnell's  Literacy blog:  A Level Is A Teacher's Tool, Not A Child's Label ?  If you have not, you can...
Conversations in Literacy · 5M ago

Word Work- Long and Short Vowels

Our groups are working hard on learning vowel sounds!  Young readers that do not achieve a firm foundation in vowel sounds struggle with reading.  And for some students vowel sounds are just HARD!  Short vowel sounds seem to trip up some of my studen...