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Cook-Eat-Burrrp · 9M ago

Masala Oats Manchurian

I have always wondered how to use the Masala Oats packs that have been lying with me. Archana's Kitchen comes to rescue in such cases. I used her recipe as a base to make these.Continue read...
Cook-Eat-Burrrp · 9M ago

Clear Soup with Dumplings

There are times when we look for a soup that is a meal on it own. This vegetable and dumpling soup is a perfect choice for dinner and also for parties at home. The best version of the broth/...
Cook-Eat-Burrrp · 9M ago

White Chocolate Rocky Road

Rocky road are fabulous for dessert tables, edible gifts and road trips too. It is an assortment of nuts, marshmallow, cookies and chocolate.Continue reading "White Chocolate Rocky Road"
Cook-Eat-Burrrp · 11M ago

Red Rice Poha Appe

Red rice poha is my new discovery and with the initial inhibitions of it not being as soft as the regular one, I am happy to be surprised with the recipe. This is a wholesome and healthy rec...
Cook-Eat-Burrrp · 1Y ago

Homemade Strawberry Butterscotch Chocolates

Ohh the hullabaloo around homemade chocolate was so huge that I got caught up and made a batch for a little girl's 1st Birthday Dessert table. Dessert tables are so much fun. They have bite ...
Cook-Eat-Burrrp · 1Y ago

Vegetable Stock

I have made a variety of stocks in my kitchen over the years. Throwing the stalks of vegetables and cobs of the corn are a painful part of vegetable cleaning. They make the vegetable what it...
Cook-Eat-Burrrp · 1Y ago

Roasted Vegetable Minestrone Soup

Minestrone is traditionally a thick Italian Soup with pasta. It is such a lovely bowlful of joy that one can lick every last drop from the soup bowl. I use left over pasta bits and those tha...
Cook-Eat-Burrrp · 1Y ago

Manisha's Bread Upma

The adorable pint sized lady who makes lunch and breakfast for us announced one day, "Didi today I will make something new for you." She took out the lovely loaf of multi-grain artisan bread...
Cook-Eat-Burrrp · 1Y ago

Cashew Pesto

I always prefer pesto over the Italian tomato sauce because of the flavour mash-up's we can do with the former. The lush green against the pasta or pizza dough or even on a sandwich is a tre...
Cook-Eat-Burrrp · 1Y ago

Broccoli Cream Pasta Sauce

Broccoli appears to me like the tree of life, strong stem and clustered florets. Pasta seems to be an easy escape to fantasy. Pair up ingredients that look and taste fantastic and you have a...