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Madeline Stringer

Reads about: writing, reading, publishing, motherhood, weaving

Luann Braley Invisible Woman, Wife, Homeschooling Mother of 3, Patient Aide to Adults with MR/DD (mental retardat...

Reads about: writing, family, parenting, reviews, books

Bob Bevard

Reads about: arts, lifestyle, publishing, beauty, haiga

Kern Windwraith Writer of fiction, questionable poetry and opinion.

Reads about: writing, books, humor, reading, fiction

Lili Bc

Reads about: writing, books, life, authors, publishing

Connie Chyle

Reads about: writing, publishing, books, reading, love

Heidi Mannan

Reads about: writing, books, fiction, poetry, publishing

Susie Klein I am a writer, a published author, an empty nester, a freedom embracing, God-loving, happily marrie...

Reads about: writing, faith, christianity, christian, life

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