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Countrified Hicks · 5d ago

PPAP Song/Remix Pen Pineapple Apple Pen song

Countrified Hicks · 1W ago

How to Dehdyrate Raspberries

     Raspberries are so yummy and naturally sweet. Raspberries not only taste great but th...
Countrified Hicks · 1W ago

Dehydrating pears for a Healthy Snack

      I like fresh pears but they are something I only like to eat once in awhile.  We have pear trees and always harvest more than we can eat.  One way to preserve them is by dehydrating th...
Countrified Hicks · 1W ago

How To Make Angel Food Cake Frosting In 8 Easy Recipes

     Check out these quick and easy ways to whip up your angel food cake frosting. It’s fu...
Countrified Hicks · 2W ago

Ronny's Silly Video

       As most of y'all know, my youngest son Ronny, is autistic.  He is now 12 and loves watching Youtube videos.  One of his favorite things to watch on Youtube is the song "Pen, Pineapple...
Countrified Hicks · 3W ago

Dehydrating Ataulfo (Honey) Mango

    There are several different varieties of mangoes but one of my favorites is the Honey ...
Countrified Hicks · 4W ago

My Youtube Channel

    I have a Youtube channel and I share lots of videos about life on our farm.  I share videos of our various farm animals (ducks, turkeys, quail, chickens, and goats).  Right now we have a...
Countrified Hicks · 3M ago

Chocolate Cobbler

        I came up with this recipe to make something special for my family for Valentine's Day.  It was such a huge hit that we have made it two times after so far.  It is so decadent and de...
Countrified Hicks · 3M ago

Super Loop de Loop Train set

    Great toy for your little ones.  The Super Loop de Loop Train set is so much fun.  My grandsons love it. Find it here.
Countrified Hicks · 3M ago

Dehydrating Sweet Mini Peppers

      These sweet mini peppers are so delicious.  I could eat them as they are but I love ...