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Countrified Hicks · 1w ago

Chocolate Cobbler

        I came up with this recipe to make something special for my family for Valentine's Day.  It was such a huge hit that we have made it two times after so far.  It is so decadent and de...
Countrified Hicks · 1W ago

Super Loop de Loop Train set

    Great toy for your little ones.  The Super Loop de Loop Train set is so much fun.  My grandsons love it. Find it here.
Countrified Hicks · 2W ago

Dehydrating Sweet Mini Peppers

      These sweet mini peppers are so delicious.  I could eat them as they are but I love ...
Countrified Hicks · 2W ago

Pumpkin Pie Recipe

     I know when one thinks of Pumpkin Pie they generally think of Thanksgiving but I beli...
Countrified Hicks · 3W ago

Cake-like Brownies

       My family loves brownies.  Usually we eat my brownies that are moist and chewy but occasionally, we crave these cake like brownies.  Both are delicious but it just depends on our mood...
Countrified Hicks · 3W ago

Pancake Muffins

     Sometimes we get bored from pancakes so I came up with a fun and delicious alternative...pancakes muffins.  It was a hit and we try to have these about once a week.  Pancake Muffins         2 c. flour1 1/2 c. milk1/2 pkg. chocolate chips  1/4 c....
Countrified Hicks · 3W ago

Dehydrating Jalapeno Peppers

       I love to dehydrate.  It is so much faster and easier than canning and takes up way...
Countrified Hicks · 3W ago

Dehydrating Plantains

     Plantains look really similar to a banana but when ripe, a plantain looks like a blac...
Countrified Hicks · 4W ago

Making & Using Tomato Powder

       I love dehydrating fresh tomatoes and make sun dried tomatoes.  Sometimes after dry...
Countrified Hicks · 4W ago

Dehydrating Cantaloupe

     I recently found some Royal Cantaloupe on sale super cheap so bought some for us to e...