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CountrySidePoet · 2W ago

The Country Side

                                                   The roses of time                                                    bloom around me today                                                    the honeysuckle is prime                                 ...
CountrySidePoet · 1M ago

Planting Forty Acres

Every year when spring time rolls around, my thoughts take me back to daddy and how he lov...
CountrySidePoet · 1M ago


The art of quilt making goes back many, long years and handed down from one generation to ...
CountrySidePoet · 2M ago

Dear Doctors

Dear Doctors,For many years I’ve walked into your office and listened to you. I’ve heard many things come from your mouths that I had to go along with thinking it was the answers I needed to...
CountrySidePoet · 2M ago

Hope's Brightest Ray

                            Alone beneath the wind’s white driftingA lonely, yet not surpr...
CountrySidePoet · 2M ago

Mama's Chickens

My mama loved raising chickens better than anything besides growing her flowers and always...
CountrySidePoet · 2M ago

Her Corner Of The World

She came from humble beginningsA place she grew, learned and loved soAcross many mountains, hills and valleysThere was nary a trail she never came to knowWhere a simple, little home became a mansionAnd laughter sounds a stronger note than tears
CountrySidePoet · 2M ago


There’s something about the month of FebruaryIt warms my heart despite the ground hog dayH...
CountrySidePoet · 3M ago


When I look at these beautiful mountains surrounding me and these old roads I’ve traveled ...
CountrySidePoet · 3M ago

Making Do

My mama came from a family of ten kids, two girls and eight boys. She grew up in a close, knit family that believed in working for ye keep and learning early on how to survive and get by. Many times she told how they survived the depression and made ...