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My Crafty Zoo · 1d ago

Paracord: 15 Lessons These Bracelets Can Help Teach

Sometimes it seems impossible to find things for teens, especially things that will help them learn but not be ‘lame’.  These paracord bracelets are perfect as a teaching aide for teens! I l...
My Crafty Zoo · 11h ago

Monkey’s Swim Team

First Swim Meet!!! Originally posted 2012-11-14 15:02:00. The post Monkey’s Swim Team appeared first on My Crafty Zoo.
My Crafty Zoo · 22h ago

Father of Lights DVD Review

Hey everyone! This video is an amazing testament to God and His majesty!  While normally I am not really a documentary fan, this one was so incredibly touching that I can’t wait to share it....
My Crafty Zoo · 1d ago

7+ Cookies: 1 Mix! #MakeItYours #EatSmart

These cookies turned out absolutely amazing!  I have eaten far more than I needed to!  Perfect for Christmas or any day! I love that one recipe can make multiple types of cookies! I love thi...
My Crafty Zoo · 1d ago

Wordless Wednesday 29

Hope ya’ll can read this.  I know, words…  But it cracked me up.  😀  Enjoy. What makes you smile??? Originally posted 2012-10-31 05:00:00. The post Wordless Wednesday 29 appeared first on My...
My Crafty Zoo · 1d ago

Atn Bloggers: Mother Finds Own Child For Sale Online

Hey Everyone. I was doing some research on adoption from the children’s perspective on youtube and came across this video. I’ll be adding watermarks to my images from now on! This is insane....
My Crafty Zoo · 2d ago

Sweet Heat Giveaway Ends 12/19

Welcome to the Sweet Heat Giveaway! One winner will win a jar of Decadence Southern Chow Chow Sweet Heat Relish valued at $30. Read A Small Village’s Review HERE. I know lots of people who l...
My Crafty Zoo · 2d ago

Halloween Cake Pops

\ I think these cake pops are adorable and since it’s the season….  So hook em up and enjoy your Halloween! Some of you may remember catching my review of the 175 best Baby Cakes cake pops r...
My Crafty Zoo · 2d ago

Sleep Better with Cozy Phones Bluetooth Headphones

So many people need some sort of noise to sleep well, oftentimes their need for noise can disturb other’s need for silence. Solution: Bluetooth Headphones comfortably allow the noise one nee...
My Crafty Zoo · 1w ago

Free Blogger Opp

Blogger Opp ~ Click & Grow Smart Garden 3 Giveaway ($100RV) #Free & #Paid Options Available Deliciously Savvy is Hosting a Giveaway in Which 1 Lucky Winner Will Receive a Click & Grow Smart ...