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Creations · 2d ago

Off the Wall Friday

Sorry. . . . . . No creating time for me this week . . . . I was off for a long weekend visiting  my parents in upstate NY.So What Have Been Up to Creatively?  
Creations · 1W ago

Interconnected - Off The Wall Friday

What's the best way to spend a Friday night?  Well, going to a friend's solo show opening!   I was glad to receive the invite to Sandy Shelenberger's latest show.  Its always a treat to see ...
Creations · 2W ago

Off the Wall Friday

I wanted to thank everyone for their comments on last week's post.  I was hesitant at first with writing it, since my creative journey is so personal.  But now I'm glad I shared my opinions ...
Creations · 3W ago

Why I Create Art - Off the Wall Friday

Her:  You sew?Me:  Wellllll,  yesHer:  Clothes?Me:  No, artHer:  Art?  Whyyyyyyyyy????????   Good Question!  I mean truly, why would someone take 25 years of their life learning how to sew a...
Creations · 4W ago

Photographing A Quilt - Off the Wall Friday

So more than once, I've been asked why I haven't monetize my blog.  There are basically two reasons. One is because  ** Opinion Alert **  there are entirely enough ads in the world.  I don't...
Creations · 1M ago

Ways to Paint - Off the Wall Friday

As Erie broke a record high of 87 today it suddenly dawned on me that summer is a knocking.  And what comes with summer??  Yesssssssssss - painting and dyeing fabric.  I've made it a habit o...
Creations · 1M ago

Wordless - Off the Wall Friday

Creations · 1M ago

Off the Wall Friday

Since we are in the middle of Spring Rush at work and I'm working 10 hr days - I'll just host this week!So What Have Been Up to Creatively?
Creations · 1M ago

7 Ways to Abstract a Photo - Off the Wall Friday

Created by taking A few birdhouses   - Changing Scale,  #2Have you ever wondered how someone abstracts a perfectly normal photo into something so amazingly wonderful that it puts the origina...
Creations · 2M ago

Simultaneous Contrast - Off the Wall Friday

13 years ago, Cynthia Corbin said to me, "Why are we talking about color choices.  Put some fabric up on that board.  You make Visual decisions Visually".  She was right then and she's still...