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Creations · 4d ago

The Singer Continues - Off the Wall Friday

Little by little, I've managed to work through this project.   You know how some pieces come easy and some come hard?  Well, yeah, I've been dealing with the latter with this one.Problem 1. ...
Creations · 1W ago

The Square - Off the Wall Friday

And the 10" by 10" square  saga continues.  But  after a couple of false starts, I finally came up with a good idea.  This morning.  At 7 am.  Right, just a couple hours before work.  #somyl...
Creations · 2W ago

It's all about Scale - Off the Wall Friday

The Lacemaker,  Johannes VermeerI'm stumped.  All week,  I've been working on creating a design for the 10" by 10"= Art event for the Schweinfurth  Art Center.  And all week, I've come up wi...
Creations · 3W ago

Off the Wall Friday

I'm feeling a bit quiet today and its 80 degrees in September. . . . I'm going for a walk!But don't let me stop you from Blogging!!What Have You Been Up to Creatively? 
Creations · 4W ago

Facts You Didn't Know about Quilting - Off the Wall Friday

The AIDS Memorial QuiltThought you knew everything about quilting?Well you thought WRONG!1.  The word Quilt comes from the Latin word, culcita, meaning stuffed mattress or cushion.  There is...
Creations · 1M ago

Focal Points Found - Off the Wall Friday

"What's the Focal Point of your piece?"Huh??  Welllllll......ummmmmm..........this section  here?????Let me tell you, this is NOT the answer you want to give a teacher or viewer of your art....
Creations · 1M ago

My Favorite Art Quilt Videos - Off the Wall Friday

Ahhhhhh, its back to school time and its one of the busiest times a year in our house...even with Tessa being in her second year of college!!  (Seriously, how did that happen!?!)  I've been ...
Creations · 1M ago

Off the Wall Friday

Creations · 2M ago

Choosing Titles - Off the Wall Friday

Discarded Roses, Pierre-Auguste Renoir (great title!)"What's in a name? That which we call a roseBy any other name would smell as sweet." William Shakespeare  Really???  Does Will Shakespear...
Creations · 2M ago

Off the Wall Friday

I spent my studio time giving my room a good fall cleaning, so this week, I'll just host.  BUT I do have a long weekend this week with a plan of finishing some pieces that are almost done!So...