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Creations · 1w ago

Off the Wall Friday

Creations · 2W ago

10 MORE Gifts Quilters Want - Off the Wall Friday

Its time for my annual "What to Buy a Quilter for Christmas" List.  You can read the first two years of the lists Here and Here.  I even made a list of what to buy a Creative Kid (all tried ...
Creations · 3W ago

Thankful for Off the Wall Friday

So I was going through my email this morning and noticed a new comment to my blog, and  it hit me -  Oh My Gosh.... I forgot Off the Wall Friday.  My only excuse was I cooked yesterday for m...
Creations · 4W ago

5 Facts You Didn't know about Sewing With Nancy for Off the Wall Friday

Nancy Zieman, 1937-2017This week we lost the host of Sewing with Nancy, Nancy Zieman to cancer.  Nancy was fundamental to my fascination with all things sewing since I started watching her s...
Creations · 1M ago

Craft VS Art - Off the Wall Friday

So I did manage to break out of my creative funk this week.  How?? Craftsy's Amish Medallion  Block of the Month.  I bought the kit on  a whim earlier this year.  I mean, gosh it was a reall...
Creations · 1M ago

Creativity Exercises - Off the Wall Friday

The days get shorter and darker and it seems like a cloud descends on me.  Jeannette DeNicolis Meyer once suggested to me that since I'm half Sicilian, its in my blood to seek the sun.  I'm ...
Creations · 1M ago

Off the Wall Friday

Creations · 1M ago

6 Ways to Pick a Palette - Off the Wall Friday

This week, my friend Debby and I were talking about how to pick a palette.  As I started going through my quilts over the last couple of years, you could see where I've somehow fallen in l...
Creations · 2M ago

The Singer Continues - Off the Wall Friday

Little by little, I've managed to work through this project.   You know how some pieces come easy and some come hard?  Well, yeah, I've been dealing with the latter with this one.Problem 1. ...
Creations · 2M ago

The Square - Off the Wall Friday

And the 10" by 10" square  saga continues.  But  after a couple of false starts, I finally came up with a good idea.  This morning.  At 7 am.  Right, just a couple hours before work.  #somyl...