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CreativitytotheMAX, the blog Therapeutic Creative Expressions of Living, Loving & Laughing with fibromyalgia and life altering m

CreativitytotheMAX, the blog · 2W ago

You (and hot dogs) are the stuff fireworks are made of

The explosive black powder in the firework shot into the air contains almost the exact same amount of energy as a simple hot dog. The firework uses the energy in black powder to fill the sky...
CreativitytotheMAX, the blog · 3W ago

National Pink Day, June 23

Brain research is clear – our thoughts trigger the neurochemical flood of emotion.  Think negatively and you will feel anxious or fearful.  Think positively and you’ll be flooded with the ne...
CreativitytotheMAX, the blog · 1M ago

It’s all relative

With all the strife & stress in the world, I go out of my way to look for anything that brings me a smile.  The innocence of babies and animals is at the top of my list.  AND combining the t...
CreativitytotheMAX, the blog · 1M ago

Tree-Climbing Goats – Weird, Wild, Wonderful World

Argan trees are an important part of the economy in Morocco.  They bear fruit and the seeds of the fruit are valuable — they can be pressed to yield argan oil, valued in beauty treatments an...
CreativitytotheMAX, the blog · 1M ago

Sneek a Peek into my Sketchy Life – last ditch efforts

Last day of life drawing for this semester.  I’ve missed several classes, something I would have been loathe to do in my high school and college years when I never ditched nor dropped a clas...
CreativitytotheMAX, the blog · 2M ago

Why I’ve not posted on “Curious” for awhile.

Several months ago my good friend Peggy Arndt, who is also a retired psychotherapist, suggested we collaborate on blogging the tips, tools and techniques for health, happiness and well-being...
CreativitytotheMAX, the blog · 2M ago

A Sketchy Fishy Life – AMAZING!

You must watch all the way to the end to see the final creation. Thanks Linda B.!!!!!
CreativitytotheMAX, the blog · 3M ago

My Sketchy Life – hatch, hatched, hatching

Ai yi yiii – ever look up a word in the on-line “Urban Dictionary”? I looked up “hatch” and was “blown away” by the uses . . . many of which I can not put in print on a G-rated blog . . . mo...
CreativitytotheMAX, the blog · 3M ago

Sneek a Peek into my Sketchy Life – lumps & gore

My paper got all wrinkly and lumpy – I put water on it and it wasn’t water-color paper – though the model was smooth and svelte (and young)  The model got all wrinkly cuz I drew him that way...
CreativitytotheMAX, the blog · 3M ago

The HeART of Spirituality Workshop – Finding Balance

How can we find balance in the chaos that surrounds us?  This was the question at the recent HeART of Spirituality workshops held at Tapestry Unitarian. “As ye have faith so shall your power...