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Crummy Church Signs Critical Analyses of Critically Bad Church Signs
Crummy Church Signs · 20m ago

Fascinating Black and White Photographs That Capture Everyday Life in Seoul After the Korean War

These amazing photographs were taken by Korean photographer Han Youngsoo in the years after the end of the Korean War. After taking part in bitter frontline fighting as a young South Korean soldier during the Korean War (1950–53), Han Youngsoo return...
Crummy Church Signs · 3h ago

'Then and Now' of London: 27 Incredible Pictures Show the Change of Camden Town Through the Years

Camden Town, often shortened to Camden, is an inner city district of northwest London, 2.4 miles (3.9 km) north of the centre of London. It is one of the 35 major centres identified in the London Plan.Laid out as a residential district from 1791 and ...
Crummy Church Signs · 4h ago

Michael Caine on accordian, ca. 1960s

Crummy Church Signs · 12h ago

Musicians in Early Photography – 27 Rare Pictures Show Victorian and Edwardian Accordionists

The first accordions were invented in the early nineteenth century. In Germany, Christian ...
Crummy Church Signs · 13h ago

Young girls in bathing suits, Victoria, BC, 1915

Crummy Church Signs · 21h ago

The Lost Tribes of Tierra del Fuego: Rare and Haunting Photos of Selk'nam People Posing With Their Traditional Body-Painting

The Selk’nam, a stone-age hunting culture inhabited the Tierra del Fuego area of southern ...
Crummy Church Signs · 23h ago

Joyful 1930s Snapshots of Ballet Dancers Dancing at the Beach or the Pool on Their Days Off

In 1931, George Balanchine, who was ballet master and choreographer for the Ballets Russes de Monte Carlo, recruited “baby ballerina” Irina Baronova, a 13-year-old dancer of Russian birth. T...
Crummy Church Signs · 1d ago

A Little Girl Feeding Some Baby Crocodiles, 1932

"The babies get their milk - whether they like it or not!"A little girl (about 4 or 5 years old) feeding some baby crocodiles. She picks one out of a box and proceeds to feed it with a baby'...
Crummy Church Signs · 1d ago

27 Rare Photos Capture Everyday Life of Italians from Late 19th to Early 20th Centuries

Here is a collection of 27 rare photos that show everyday life of Italians in the late 19t...
Crummy Church Signs · 1d ago

Girls walking on Den Haag streets, Netherlands, 1943