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Cryptic Poetry · 3d ago

Falling in love rhymes

Don't change your hair if you careabout the way it blows in the airand the tenderness you sharewith the fortunate that are fairand get to be your deserving pair.You said you've never seen th...
Cryptic Poetry · 1M ago

Just writing a poem

I will now write a poem.The poem will be writing it.Yes.The End.
Cryptic Poetry · 3M ago

"society, you're a crazy breed, hope you're not angry but I disagree"

No nobility or character at all among humanswhen they do everything for the wrong reasons:charity, because they need to feel like they're doing something good;loving and caring because they ...
Cryptic Poetry · 4M ago

(A) Memory

I feel the touch of silk on a steel bar that I hold on to because I'm climbing up the stairs of the subway station and lately my knees have been quite hesitant to tread in the city life.Ever...
Cryptic Poetry · 5M ago

I met you when you were blind

One day, below the blonde sky,I thought I heard a lullaby coming from the seaBut as the sun started to peek behind the hazeI could clearly hear the children cryOne day, below the charred sky...
Cryptic Poetry · 5M ago

we create not to perish

one cannot disguise the sorrows for too longthe carnivorous musicthe misty paintingsthe squizofrenic dancethe screaming moviesthe screaming words 
Cryptic Poetry · 6M ago


Rest your head leaning on the big mountainand dip your feet in the waterCome and see the reflections in your eyesas our smile reaches the skies.You are going to get it nowbecause it's paradi...
Cryptic Poetry · 7M ago

the most certain fact: everyday people are born and people die.

One is born into seemingly endless strings of relatives and as time passes, each string cut by time's scissors makes the whole quilt filled with holes and unavoidably empty of living people,...
Cryptic Poetry · 7M ago

The Artist

I met The Artist many times till now.And in each time, The Artist shed a bit of himself.Once She was knitting with a thread of her soul a piece that was infinite.Some other time He was build...
Cryptic Poetry · 9M ago

Yes, I'm the most stupid person alive

Suffering since I can remember, since 5 years old, and wanting to die since 13, but stupidly still here going on 35 on 1st September.