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daal,donuts and doodles creative reflections and inpirations

English - Food, Art, Diy
daal,donuts and doodles · 1W ago

My Miniature Garden ideas and a November Calendar!

My baby sister is very passionate about miniature gardens and terrariums... and is pretty good at it.Though I loved admiring all that she had made....but I never got bit by the bug.Mainly be...
daal,donuts and doodles · 2W ago

Last two days of the INKTOBER 2017 frenzy!

I know, I know...October is long over, in fact its the 5th of November already and my monthly Desktop calendar is not yet made...And I forgot to put up the last two Inktober 2017 drawings th...
daal,donuts and doodles · 3W ago

INKtober2017-Days 27 to 29

I have tried a lot of different things and styles in these 3 illustrations.The Day27 of October, aka Inktober was a Friday, so the obvious choice was a Fashion illustration.Seeing I was crav...
daal,donuts and doodles · 3W ago

INKTOBER 2017 illustration catchups! from a Tiger to a Witch.

I know I should be updating these here on my blog as diligently as I do on my Instagram account and my Facebook Page, but I somehow postpone and postpone till I have a BIG catching up to do ...
daal,donuts and doodles · 1M ago

INKtober2017 Day-19...Catwoman

daal,donuts and doodles · 1M ago

INKtober 2017 day-17, 18,

Happy Diwali folks...Been keeping up with the INKtober challenge and enjoying every moment.Learning every moment.A Happy Diwali to all of you....I wanted to make an earthy and ethnic illustr...
daal,donuts and doodles · 1M ago

INKtober2017 catchups... from owls to portraits to fairy homes.

Inktober 2017...Day-13 to Day-16.I have a lot of my plate...The Military Station where we are posted is really busy socially with a lot of dignitary visits and Coffee Mornings, Ladies Clubs ...
daal,donuts and doodles · 1M ago

INKtober2017: Day12 Game of Thrones!

My Thursday prompt for myself is "fantasy" and last week I had drawn a mermaid...I got a request from one of my dear friends to draw a Game of Thrones character this time...And my nerdy self...
daal,donuts and doodles · 1M ago

INKtober 2017- day 10 and 11. cross hatching trials!

I was pretty confident of my cross hatching (drawing with crossed lines) and strippling (shading with dots) skills earlier, right after Art college, but its been sooooo long now, that my dra...
daal,donuts and doodles · 1M ago

INKTOBER 2017- Day 9..cross hatching

My Inktober is jinxed.... Yesterday my dog, Simba chewed up my sketch book... So most of my earlier Inktober drawings became half eaten rags.... I was too pissed off to do any work yesterday...