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DaddyTips Because men have kids too.

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DaddyTips · 5d ago

I Guess It’s NOT Too Early For Black Friday Stuff

I’m usually the guy who’s cranky and says “Grr. It’s too early for Christmas/Chanukah/Thanksgiving ads.” In this case, though, I’m wrong. Black Friday is a week from today, so it’s not too e...
DaddyTips · 2W ago

Free Thor Digital Comics On Kindle

Today only, get free Thor digital comics on Kindle. It’s THORSDAY! Get it?!? Anyway, get free Thor comics today ONLY. Thursday November 2, 2017. THAT’S IT. Sorry for the late notice but I on...
DaddyTips · 1M ago


Really? We’re still banning books? Or are we BACK to banning books? Because “To Kill A Mockingbird” is a great book. While it is possible that the same issues/values can be learned from anot...
DaddyTips · 1M ago

Adults Suck

DaddyTips · 1M ago

NY Comic Con Will Not Watch Your Kids

In case you were wondering, NY Comic Con will not watch your kids for you. Seriously. Look. The fact that NY Comic Con had to post this on their website means people have asked, likely multi...
DaddyTips · 2M ago

This is not a good reason to have a baby

Currently at the Top of the Charts on Reddit: Read the comments. They funny. Example: And you’ll have a brand new alarm clock to wake you up at 3AM to watch the game, depending on what time ...
DaddyTips · 3M ago

Mr. Fantastic Makes Dad Jokes

Texts From Superheroes does it again.
DaddyTips · 4M ago

Comic Con Digital Comics Sales

You know that whole San Diego Comic Con thing that you never used to hear much about but now dominates news coverage? It’s here. And with it comes mega deals on digital comics. For example: ...
DaddyTips · 4M ago

Amazon Prime Day

It’s Amazon Prime Day, baby! What the hell is Prime Day, you say? Why, it’s a way to save money! Why is it called Prime Day? Because in order to get the deals from Amazon, you have to be an ...
DaddyTips · 4M ago

The Death of Captain Marvel, Two Dollars on Kindle

I recently sung the praises of the first ever Marvel Graphic Novel, The Death of Captain Marvel. That comic… sorry, Graphic Novel (it’s in the title!) is now on sale from Amazon for only two...