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Daiku · 1d ago

Oblate Paranoid

Winter's nights draw inTake it personally whenEarth tilts against me
Daiku · 1W ago

Marketing for Kids

Paddington Bear,Of his brand, takes great care.Always wears a red hat and duffel coatThree sizes too large (allows for marmalade bloat).
Daiku · 1W ago

A Little Forward? No, Eight of Them

Enjoying breakfastEight Bath Rugby players tooIn Kingsmead's kitchen.
Daiku · 2W ago

No Room At The In-Crowd

Jacob Rees MoggWould hoggAny place on Theresa's front bench.May be why it'd be too great a Parliament.UK
Daiku · 2W ago

"Dogs do it, even educated youths do it..."

Graffiti-tagged doorSuch 'consummate artistry'Two men paint them out
Daiku · 2W ago

Durante degli Alighieri

DanteHated being caught in flagranteBy his closest circles of Florentine chancers,Purgatories and Limbo dancers.
Daiku · 3W ago

Mrs Brown's Boys

Rosemary Isabel BrownMade many a rationalist frown.Her being Brahms and LisztIn so many bars left them pissed.Or do you preferRosemary BrownMade rationalists drownTheir sorrows with many a b...
Daiku · 1M ago

England Expects...

Vice Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson,When all was said and done,Was cables ahead of Admiral ByngWith his invention of virtue Wikipedia
Daiku · 1M ago


A basic sponge mixEqual parts Irish butterSugar, flour and eggsOn comparing notebook contents with Ben Colley,the barman at the Rose and Crown, Larkhall
Daiku · 1M ago

"The hall leapt to its pins"

Quentin Letts,To win some lobby bets,Dropped "pins" into his Conference sketch,Feckless for who might retch.