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Daiku · 2d ago

Be Careful For What You Wish

Gaius Julius CaesarCrossed the Rubicon without a visa.He wanted to be Dictator-for-life;A wish granted by the assassin's knife.
Daiku · 6d ago

Unchained Madman

Warm water floods earsSubmersion beats seductionPlato's sudversion
Daiku · 6d ago

Sharks and Suffrajets

Emmeline Pankhurst.Misogyny made her fit to burst.As too the straitlaced correctness of Suffragists;Suffragettes ruled out nowt bar their fists.Credit: WikipediaOr do you preferEmmeline Pank...
Daiku · 2W ago

Cheltenham Suffragist's College

Dorothea BealeMade to parents an appeal:Learning science and maths places ladiesEqual to gentlemen not en route to Hades.
Daiku · 2W ago

Laboratory Rat

Such a sense of lossOf self for a simple toothAnd for eyes limbs mind?Or perhapsCan corporal lossCause mental disruption too?Hoarding tendency?
Daiku · 2W ago

Root Canal

Searching for trousersFear-filled hind brain's cunning planTo avoid dentistor perhapsExtraction today.Ego's response to id's AngstIs to hide my pants?
Daiku · 2W ago

"You say Weinstein,..."

Albert EinsteinWould not have liked Harvey Weinstein.Not least for making me force 'Einsteen'To rhyme with Weinstein.
Daiku · 3W ago

Quantum Brexit Dynamics

Have-cake-and-eat-cakeFinding it hard to picture?Chew Schrödinger's Qat.
Daiku · 3W ago


James Norton,If ever he gave thought onMcNudity on McMafia,Felt perhaps naught was McNaffier.By Punting Cambridge
Daiku · 3W ago

Jurassic Arms Park

Jurassic arms raceFinding dinoscarus andDinoscaria