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Daiku · 1d ago

Third Rock from THE SUN

Captain Jean-Luc PicardNever broke the Prime Directive barOne time on Sol IIIAs the Brexites tribe he sought to set free.
Daiku · 3d ago

Frequency Hopping Mad

Radio SilenceNo secret mission EmconLost vehicle codecredit: Nissan
Daiku · 1w ago

Mixed Metathors

Thor.His moves invoked awe.Whereas LokiMastered nowt but the hokey-cokey.Or do you preferOdinKept his woad inPandora's BoxAlong with some odd socks.
Daiku · 1W ago

Happy 95th

Sharing dementiaForgetfulness and deafnessAn Aged DailogueOr do you preferNon-verbal beingDeafness and forgetfulnessAged Ps talking
Daiku · 1W ago

Oh Dear

One is mortifiedFor years one's not framed HaikuTo wit: Senryƫ
Daiku · 2W ago

Schwarzer Panther

Trinken nebenanIn Kunstoffkino KneipeWetherspoons? Nein dank'!
Daiku · 2W ago

Name Five Famous Canadians

Miguna MigunaKenya's Boris-shaped lacunaWas he press-ganged to Dubai?Aye aye.
Daiku · 3W ago

Meh to follow...?

Donald J. Trump,Before he got out on the stump,Told a fling she reminded him of his daughter.Does he know he shouldna oughta?
Daiku · 3W ago

One Defence Secretary, Former, Disgraced, for the use of

Doctor Liam FoxPrescribed pulling up their socksTo directors idling with their boardOn the golf links more than exporting abroad.
Daiku · 3W ago

Computer Says 'No'

Professor Stephen HawkingLet his computer do the talking,As he revealed secrets of Spacetime most profoundWhile barred from most stations on the Underground.Wheelchair access to the Tube in ...