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Daiku · 1d ago

For Every Well-Off Household

Etiquette demandsSpecial fish forks and fish knives.And for bean-burgers?Or does this work better?Etiquette requiresSpecial fish knives and fish forks.But veggie sausages?
Daiku · 2d ago

The Puck Stops Here

Dame Margot Fonteyn,For only one sport felt no disdain.She admired the charm, grace and poiseOf those professional ice hockey boys.or do you preferDame Margot FonteynWas a great fan of the q...
Daiku · 6d ago

Twinkle Toes

Rudolf NureyevKnew better than Our Kev.A Russian High Lift does not deployBallet lovers to the gods at the Bolshoi.or do you likeRudolf NureyevMade a mean Chicken Kiev.Slow-baked, we heard;I...
Daiku · 1W ago

Untrew Crime Stories

Belladonna BerylHad taken her fillOf cutting ironyFrom Mad Axe McConnolly.
Daiku · 1W ago

Moto Gizzi

Gizzi ErskineMight now never wear ermine.But her jellied stoatWould bring a lump to many a ibsan73
Daiku · 2W ago

Washington Post-Truth

Sean SpicerLost both feet in a dicer.This 'Alternative Fact'Might explain his lack of The Daily Squat
Daiku · 2W ago

Journalists' Clichés Redefined

'Mystery woman'Nowadays means someone whoScores no Google hits
Daiku · 3W ago

Childhood Memories II

John NoakesWas just one of them blokesWith no fear of heightsOr any Blue Peter pet what BBCor do you preferJohn NoakesAstonished the young folksFrom the cross-trees of HMS Gang...
Daiku · 3W ago

Childhood Memories I

Valerie SingletonCould have endless funMaking gifts from loo rollsAnd broken old washing up bowls.and there'sValerie Singleton,In 1971,Made so much from empty detergent bottles,Loo rolls, gl...
Daiku · 4W ago

First Contact

An alien mindClosed to we who cannot readAnother human's