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Daiku · 1d ago

The Balearic Scapegoat

Admiral John ByngWent to Minorca for a fling.Ended up losing what he oughtn'aPour encourager les autres.or do you preferAdmiral John ByngWould've preferred even Sing SingTo encouraging more ...
Daiku · 1W ago

An Inconvenient Truthahn

Chicken LittleDidn't want to belittleSky-falling deniers,But they're simply wrong, the liars.
Daiku · 1W ago

Here's The Big Un

Kim Jong UnIs no Kim Rong Un.What else is a lowly poet to scribble?A mad man with boosted fission bombs brooks no quibble.
Daiku · 2W ago


The wireless posesOratorical questionsIn a high brow quiz
Daiku · 2W ago


Grant ShappsIs one of those unsavory Tory chaps,But Michael GreenHas no better reason to preen.Shapps                    Green
Daiku · 3W ago

The Voyagers

Four decades have passedOf a voyage without endThrough our galaxycredit: JPL
Daiku · 1M ago

Nocturne in C Sharp Minor

Who begrudges it?A life devoted to toilEnding with bed rest.
Daiku · 1M ago

Total Eclipse of the Dumb

President Donald J. TrumpWill look a science-denying chump,If Fox News prompts him to tweet"Sad. The Sun's been eaten by a yuge parakeet."
Daiku · 1M ago

Royalty Loyalty

Salmon RushdieFound it decidedly fishyThat they'd not accept, his pals,He'd made nowt from Midnight's Children residuals.© Jonathan Cape
Daiku · 1M ago

A Little Bird Didn't Tell Me

Sir Christopher WrenNever said whenHe planned to finish St. Paul's.He felt suspense enthralls.