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Keerbergen House by minus

Keerbergen House, by, minus
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71 Above by Tag Front Architects

71 Above, Los Angeles, California, by Tag Front Architects
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De la Roche Residence by NatureHumaine

A couple with two young children wish to transform a duplex located in Rosemont-La-Petite-Patrie into their principal family residence. The project consists in reorganizing the original portion of the house and enlarging it with an extension in the y...
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Chiang House by 2books Space Design

This project is intended for a single-storey apartment in the new building. In the construction planning, the builder had limited most of the interior pattern, making it impossible to change too much. For this, we set a goal. We hoped to grant this c...
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Burnt Cedar by Greg Faulkner

Burnt Cedar, Incline Village, Lake Tahoe, Nevada, by Greg Faulkner
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Monograph: Ettore Sottsass (New Edition)

The life and work of Ettore Sottsass is more relevant than ever, with exhibitions around the world and renewed collector interest in the Memphis movement. Now available in a new format, this...
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Casa Sulla Morella by Andrea Oliva

Casa Sulla Morella,Castelnovo di Sotto, Italy, by Andrea Oliva
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Dry Creek Residence By John Maniscalco Architecture

Dry Creek Residence, by John Maniscalco Architecture
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The Desert Palisades Guardhouse by Studio AR+D Architects

The guard house was originally conceptualized as a gateway to this long awaited residential development, located on the elevated hillside overlooking Palm Springs. Upon initial visits to this captivating site, and witnessing the expansive views and n...
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JZL House by Bernardes Arquitetura

The JZL House is located in a residential area of Leblon neighborhood, Rio de Janeiro. The...