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Dana's Blah Blah · 10M ago

City of Gods: Book Three of the Teadai Prophecies

Adelsik followed the others as they walked toward Mindona and prepared herself for what they might have to do to the errant woman. For my kin. For my sisters. I will kill if I have to. ~ Fro...
Dana's Blah Blah · 10M ago

Lost Moon, a new fantasy novel

Her toes were black. Infection would soon follow and Kepriah cursed under her breath. She would have to sear her feet after she severed her snow-bitten toes, and she looked around for kindli...
Dana's Blah Blah · 11M ago

Got cousins?

Quite often, I get genealogy questions from distant cousins and online friends. While I'm not a genealogist, I have been researching my family tree for 20+ years and am happy to share inform...
Dana's Blah Blah · 1Y ago

Got young teens?

Got young teens? Check out The Mask of Tamirella.Eric Hoffer Award Finalist, Indie Excellence Book Awards Finalist, and Hollywood Book Festival Honorable MentionWriter's Digest International...
Dana's Blah Blah · 1Y ago

Summer is on the way! Time to start loading up your Kindle reader/app!

Summer is on the way! Time to start loading up your Kindle reader/app with beach and poolside books. The award-winning Desert Magick: Superstitions (Bk 1) is a great place to start. And it's...
Dana's Blah Blah · 1Y ago

Dana's St Paddy's Day Kindle book giveaway starts tomorrow!

Dana's St Paddy's Day eBook giveaway starts tomorrow! Get the teen sci-fi adventure Quest for Freedom FREE for the Kindle. 3 days only!
Dana's Blah Blah · 1Y ago


I hope everyone had a nice holiday season. I've been uber-busy the past couple of months, doing interviews and working on my next novel, while entertaining guests and taking care of a sick d...
Dana's Blah Blah · 1Y ago

Lost Moon excerpt

The glacial air bit through to Kepriah’s skin as she buried her partner’s body. The ground beneath the snow was so hard she could not dig into it. She had tried using her belt knife, then he...
Dana's Blah Blah · 1Y ago

Kindle book sale!

My publisher is offering the award-winning Desert Magick: Superstitions for just 99 cents in the month of December. That's an entire year of my work for less than a dollar! What a deal! http...
Dana's Blah Blah · 1Y ago

Catch me tonight on Off the Chain radio show!

Catch me tonight live on Off the Chain internet radio show! 8 PM - 10 PM EST.