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Daniel Haas · 4d ago

The 10 most popular Baptismal Verses

Baptism marks the beginning of the Christian life. I usually have the parents pick a Bible verse for their baby. Grownups obviously get to pick their own. For many years […]
Daniel Haas · 3W ago

Community Labyrinth for Lent

In the court yard at St. John’s United Church of Christ we now offer a labyrinth. Everyone is welcome to access it from the West Street side. We will maintain […]
Daniel Haas · 1M ago

Texas Primaries are under way – What kind of Leaders do we need?

Today is the first day of early voting in Texas. I will be honest I have only today checked the ballots to see who is running for what. You can […]
Daniel Haas · 1M ago

Of Passion And Ashes

I am usually not good at watching sports. I don’t usually like sitting on the couch watching others move while I’d much rather move myself. There are few notable exceptions […]
Daniel Haas · 1M ago

Four considerations regarding cremation

Most of us will eventually die. The only recorded exception to that was Enoch “because God took him.” (Genesis 5:24). So let’s assume for now that we are all going […]
Daniel Haas · 1M ago

The Moon is bleeding, a groundhog can tell the weather and where is God in all this?

What a Week! #SuperMoon2018 #GroundhogDay #ScoutSunday #Souperbowl A post shared by Daniel Haas (@revhaas) on Jan 30, 2018 at 3:15pm PST Big things are about to happen in the sky: […]
Daniel Haas · 2M ago

Links to my kids

Dear children, the time has come. You got Chromebooks for Christmas. I got my first computer in third grade. I did not have internet then. Your world is different now […]
Daniel Haas · 2M ago

Are you one of the Wise Men?

This week the church will be celebrating Epiphany. Epiphany is when the wise men from the East finally arrive to see the newborn king. No, they don’t go to the […]
Daniel Haas · 2M ago

Ending 2017 Well

Please don’t ask for a blessed year 2018 until you’re done ending 2017 well. In this last week of the year I want to remind you that moving on to […]
Daniel Haas · 3M ago

Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas?

If you are interested in a clash of ideologies, this is not written for you. If you think America is in trouble because fewer people say Merry Christmas, this is […]