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Daniel Haas · 1d ago

Two Good Reasons to Remember Ascension Day

Today is a Ascension Day. Most of the time, churches will push the observance to the following Sunday, so more people have a chance to attend. Why should Ascension Day […]
Daniel Haas · 3d ago

Three major holidays that you should not miss this week

Some weeks in the life of the church look so unassuming. What could possibly be special about this week? Well, as pastor I am obliged to give you three perspectives […]
Daniel Haas · 4d ago

Trump Far Less Religious Than Obama in His Speech to The Muslim World

In 2009 President Obama received mixed reviews for his famous Cairo speech. Now Donald Trump’s Riyadh Speech is in the books. The 45th president seems to care much less about […]
Daniel Haas · 1W ago

Thou Shalt Not Impose Your Faith on Anyone

Dr. James Emery White warns against “The Great Danger of Orthodoxy”. Basically the point he is making is that Christians are too concerned with their focus on the presumable “right […]
Daniel Haas · 1W ago

My two cents on the Star Trek Discovery Trailer

The first official trailer for the new Star Trek series is out. I skipped Enterprise. So Discovery will be my first Star Trek experience on TV since Voyager. Here are […]
Daniel Haas · 1W ago

What strawberries can teach me about putting down roots

The strawberries are growing just fine. So are the tomatoes. And the carrots. And the peppers. And the flowers. You get the picture. Our garden is almost ripe for the […]
Daniel Haas · 4W ago

Come walk on Saturday!

CROP Hunger Walks are community-wide events sponsored by Church World Service and organized by local congregations or groups to raise funds to end hunger at home and around the world. […]
Daniel Haas · 1M ago

Chaplain’s Corner: April – time to open up

I recently had a chance to connect back with the Italian side of my family. We had not spoken in over 20 years. But now passageways into a new connection […]
Daniel Haas · 2M ago

Dwellers and Vagabonds

Last year was my 20th High School reunion in Germany. I did not go. But a friend of mine did. We talked about it a few months later. He was […]
Daniel Haas · 2M ago

I’m going Cold Turkey for Lent

There used to be a strict rule at our house in the mornings: “Don’t talk about anything important before I had my first cup of coffee.” I would misunderstand you. […]