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Darkstarian Discourse · 1M ago

I blinked and then it was a new year!

I’m not entirely sure how I missed posting for the entire month of December. I guess things got busy and I got distracted. So, here we are in a new year. I can’t say that I see much of a dif...
Darkstarian Discourse · 2M ago

My First Unboxing Video

I’ve done book reviews in the past but I got the opportunity to do an Unboxing of a Daily Goodie Box and so, I am making my first steps into the world of video.  I really have no interest in...
Darkstarian Discourse · 3M ago

Fall Back (Attempt #2)

I started a post the other day and then didn’t finish it and now it’s mostly irrelevant, so I am starting over. First, I am still a little stunned that it is November already. That’s crazy. ...
Darkstarian Discourse · 3M ago

Another Year, Another Inspection

Back at the beginning of October we got the notice that the City was coming out to do inspections. This isn’t wholly unexpected because we’ve been here a year and a half and this is the firs...
Darkstarian Discourse · 3M ago

Shut Up and Write – Weekend Edition

Actually, Shut Up and Write is going away and I am sad.  It was a good time for me to come and work on things like blogging and have the opportunity to not do it alone.  But, I guess they sa...
Darkstarian Discourse · 4M ago

Strange Days, Indeed

I’d written a few weeks ago about having my schedule scrambled due to providing support for a workshop for a client. It ended up completely upending my schedule and it’s still not back to ‘r...
Darkstarian Discourse · 4M ago

Really, Monday?

So, today is a bit beyond ‘a case of the Mondays’… First – Mass Shooting in Las Vegas And then…. Tom Petty dies I believe we’re done here, Monday.
Darkstarian Discourse · 5M ago

Hanging On vs. Letting Go

It’s interesting how songs that are supposed to be about romantic relationships also sometimes have relevance to other situations. I recently had a long-term, non-romantic relationship go in...
Darkstarian Discourse · 5M ago

Schedule Scramble

I have a client who is teaching a virtual class and I am doing tech support/participating in the class. Which is fabulous except for the fact that the class starts at 8 AM and if you will re...
Darkstarian Discourse · 5M ago

An Apology

I’ve spent a long time trying to avoid facing the fact that, when all is said and done, I’m simply a disappointment. To everyone. I’ve known for a very long time that I am a disappointment t...