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Darkstarian Discourse · 1W ago

Strange Days, Indeed

I’d written a few weeks ago about having my schedule scrambled due to providing support for a workshop for a client. It ended up completely upending my schedule and it’s still not back to ‘r...
Darkstarian Discourse · 1W ago

Really, Monday?

So, today is a bit beyond ‘a case of the Mondays’… First – Mass Shooting in Las Vegas And then…. Tom Petty dies I believe we’re done here, Monday.
Darkstarian Discourse · 3W ago

Hanging On vs. Letting Go

It’s interesting how songs that are supposed to be about romantic relationships also sometimes have relevance to other situations. I recently had a long-term, non-romantic relationship go in...
Darkstarian Discourse · 1M ago

Schedule Scramble

I have a client who is teaching a virtual class and I am doing tech support/participating in the class. Which is fabulous except for the fact that the class starts at 8 AM and if you will re...
Darkstarian Discourse · 1M ago

An Apology

I’ve spent a long time trying to avoid facing the fact that, when all is said and done, I’m simply a disappointment. To everyone. I’ve known for a very long time that I am a disappointment t...
Darkstarian Discourse · 2M ago

Ninja Shut Up and Write Wednesday

I know that I said that Monday is Shut Up and Write day, but very early Wednesday morning is the ‘International’ Shut Up and Write session and I usually drag my happy hiney to it because I n...
Darkstarian Discourse · 2M ago

Monday Again? Shut Up and Write!

I should probably be working on the backlog of writing projects that I have but I thought I should probably come and make a post, too. So, here I am. Last week, Mr.POSSLQ was away for work s...
Darkstarian Discourse · 2M ago

There Is No Sanctuary

They say ‘You can’t go home again’. Especially true when you don’t really have a place other than where you live that you identify as ‘home’. But, in this particular moment, I am thinking of...
Darkstarian Discourse · 2M ago

Shut Up and Write #3

Figure as long as I am doing Shut Up and Write, I should pop in and do a blog post. Everything I was going to write about, though, is work-related and that’s probably not the best use of thi...
Darkstarian Discourse · 3M ago

Shut Up and Write #2

It’s Monday again, which means that it is Shut Up and Write day again. I am trying to get through a backlog of writing projects but thought that as long as I have the dedicated time, I shoul...