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Darrell Larose's blog · 1M ago

Freelensing the Pentax K-3II

Freelensing is a technique used with interchangeable lens cameras in both film-based and digital photography. The lens is detached from the camera and held in front of the lens mount by hand...
Darrell Larose's blog · 1M ago

Patrouille de France & RCAF Snowbirds flypast

Patrouille de France & RCAF Snowbirds flypast, May 2nd, 2017. I forgotten the flypast was weather delayed from Monday May 1st, 2017. I saw a Facebook message at around 10:45 AM that the flyp...
Darrell Larose's blog · 1M ago

Spring 2017

Spring arrived after a long winter… Darrell Larose Ottawa
Darrell Larose's blog · 2M ago

Ottawa Architecture

Spring time and a walk around Centretown Ottawa with my Pentax K-3II. Laurier Avenue West, shadow play. Pentax K-3II SMC Pentax-FA 50mm f:1.4 Pentax K-3II with SMC Pentax-M 85mm f:2 prime le...
Darrell Larose's blog · 3M ago

Bar Rob: Malak Sound/Bella Cat: March 10th

On a frigid Saturday night, the Centretown night spot Bar Robo heated up the night with two great acts. Bella Cat & Malak Sound. First up was Malak Sound (Malak Ghanem) who has an amazing po...
Darrell Larose's blog · 3M ago

House of Targ: Riishi Von Rex/Bella Cat/Nile Grove

Ottawa’s House of Targ is an unique venue, last Thursday March 2, 2017 they had three Ottawa Bands on stage; Riishi Von Rex/Bella Cat/Nile Grove. I used just my new Pentax K-3II with my SMC ...
Darrell Larose's blog · 4M ago

February winter’s day walk with the K-3II

Last weekend (February 18th & 20th) weather was well above normal with the mercury hitting 6° I took my new Pentax K-3II on a pleasant walk downtown. Saturday I mounted my SMC Pentax-FA 50mm...
Darrell Larose's blog · 4M ago

Bella Cat Rocks the Atomic Rooster: January 22, 2017

On Sunday January 22nd, I took my Pentax K-3II and SMC Pentax-FA 50mm f:1.4 to see how it performed in low light, My old Pentax ✩istD was not a good low-light high ISO camera. I shot mostly ...
Darrell Larose's blog · 4M ago

Another outing with the Pentax K-3II

After what seemed like daily cloudy, ice pellets, rain, snow. Ottawa finally had a break from the winter greys. This outing I took my Pentax K-3II and my SMC Pentax-FA 50mm f:1.4 with the Pe...
Darrell Larose's blog · 5M ago

A walk on a winter’s day with the K-3II

Day 5 with my new Pentax K-3II camera, today the weather was a pleasant winter day at -8°, instead of the -21° we have been “enjoying”. I grabbed my 3 kg Marchioni Brothers Tiltall tripod an...