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Dave Lucas' Notes · 1M ago

TONIGHT @RPI, African American Poet Gregory Pardlo

 April 12 (Wednesday):  Gregory Pardlo, Pulitzer Prize-winning poetReading and McKinney Writing Contest Award — 8:00 p.m., Biotech Auditorium, Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Studies Bu...
Dave Lucas' Notes · 1M ago


Hmmm... a little hacking attempt, eh? SPAM frauds, fakes, and other MALWARE deliveries... Studio Agata Grabowska Net appears on a List of Banned Hacker's IP Addresses for SSH Brute Force Pas...
Dave Lucas' Notes · 2M ago

Bike Helmets Save Lives (And Brains!)

Many, many people, for many, many years, have ridden bicycles (and even motorcycles) without ever donning any sort of protective headgear, and never suffered a mishap. But all it takes is on...
Dave Lucas' Notes · 2M ago

Your Web Hosting Provider Does Make A Difference!

Your Web Hosting Provider Does Make A DifferenceJust like you would not trust just anyone to take care of your pet for the weekend while you are out of town, neither should you assign web ho...
Dave Lucas' Notes · 2M ago


Dave Lucas' Notes · 3M ago

Text Someone Who Has Blocked Your Number

You can do this! (As long as you know the intended recipient's mobile carrier). If you don't have a clue, go HERE then come back! Send your text via SMS through the email gateway. Substitute...
Dave Lucas' Notes · 4M ago

A Quest For Internet Immortality.

"Is Your Digital Life Ready for Your Death?" A very important question, raised by a leading newspaper. Like those who prefer to write their own obituaries, with a little foresight and planni...
Dave Lucas' Notes · 4M ago

What Should I Look For In An Internet Marketing Company?

Once you decide that it's time for your company to invest in internet marketing services, your next course of action should be locating the ideal firm. Below you will find several attribut...
Dave Lucas' Notes · 4M ago

#MusicMonday ::: Doors Love Elektra Blues Project

(Originally published December 12, 2011) Two bands that have stood the test of time: The Doors (headed by the very influential Jim Morrison) and Love (headed by Arthur Lee). Both light years...
Dave Lucas' Notes · 4M ago

BeetsBLU for a Happy Holiday!

If a fitness tracker or a key finder is on your holiday list, check these out!Blue Christmas? Not this time, Elvis!Time to act on those last-minute gifts, and it couldn't be easier!  BeetsBL...