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David Atkinson's Blog · 3h ago

It’s Raining As I Write This

It’s raining as I write this. That’s not a problem. I’m just telling you.
David Atkinson's Blog · 1d ago

A Spam Account Likes Every Post I Make Making Fun Of Spam Comments

The spam comments I get on here are pretty bad. I moderate so they don’t get through, but many of them are just so bad as to be pointless to begin with. I post one on here once in a while to...
David Atkinson's Blog · 2d ago

Ya’ll Didn’t Appreciate The Full Danger

I wrote a post back in September about how I couldn’t really use a Costco membership but was tempted to get one just to be able to buy their hot dogs. People kept pointing out that you could...
David Atkinson's Blog · 3d ago

I Bet This Would Taste Better Than Swisher Sweets

I bet this would taste better than Swisher Sweets. It’d almost have to. Advertisements
David Atkinson's Blog · 4d ago

This Has To Be The Most Complicated Way Ever To Cut A Hot Dog Into Pieces

This has to be the most complicated way ever to cut a hot dog into pieces. Some people just have to make things as difficult as possible.
David Atkinson's Blog · 5d ago

Don’t Forget: I Have A New Book Coming Out July 1! Roses are Red, Violets are Stealing Loose Change from my Pockets While I Sleep

Don’t forget, I have a new book coming out July 1, 2018 from Literary Wanderlust. It’s a collection of surreal humorous flash fiction titled Roses are Red, Violets are Stealing Loose Change ...
David Atkinson's Blog · 6d ago

This Is Looking Like A Low Reading Year

This is looking like a low reading year. As of April 18th, I’ve only read 57 books. I’m sure I’ll be 60 or above by the end of the month, but that’s only 180 for the year. My Goodreads goal ...
David Atkinson's Blog · 1w ago

Your Moment Of Spam

I love some of the spam comments I get on here. I moderate, so it’s not as if they generally get through. Some of them are so weird though. Who thought this was going to be allowed in order ...
David Atkinson's Blog · 1W ago

Not Watching Shows Like Twin Peaks Is How I Read So Much

People ask how I manage to read so much. Clearly, the answer involves not watching shows like Twin Peaks. In the course of 8 days, I watched seasons 1 and 2, Fire Walk with Me, and the new 2...
David Atkinson's Blog · 1W ago

A Pointless Animated Gif For Reasons That Won’t Be Mentioned

Here’s a pointless animated gif: We need it here today for reasons that won’t be mentioned here today. Regular readers surely know why.