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David Atkinson's Blog · 5h ago

Jesus Is My Pool Buddy

I love oddly worded signs. I shared this one I ran across at a motel in Omaha on Facebook recently, but why should my Facebook friends have all the fun? Why not just “SWIMMING ALONE PROHIBIT...
David Atkinson's Blog · 1d ago

Rock Port Is Now Advertising In Omaha

I was in Omaha recently and was surprised to see billboards advertising Rock Port, Missouri fireworks. I’d never seen billboards for the before, something quite that in the open. People did ...
David Atkinson's Blog · 2d ago

Have You Noticed My Posts Start Getting Very Cursory When I Go Out Of Town?

Have you noticed that my posts start getting very cursory when I go out of town? Almost as if I want to schedule them all before I go so I don’t have to worry about them? Lots of animated gi...
David Atkinson's Blog · 3d ago

This Moment Is Brought To You By Bananas

This moment is brought to you by bananas. This moment was brought to you by bananas.
David Atkinson's Blog · 4d ago

There’s Not Even An Explanation For This.

There’s not even an explanation for this. Maybe I need to sleep more.
David Atkinson's Blog · 5d ago

An Animated Gif Of The Nebraska Highway

Here is an animated gif of the Nebraska highway. Really, it’s an animated gif. I’m not trying to make some kind of lame joke that the view along the Nebraska highway appears to never change....
David Atkinson's Blog · 6d ago


Chapeau! I don’t know why this seemed funny when I thought of it. It no longer did by the time I even finished writing this post, but I stuck with it anyway. I’m like that.
David Atkinson's Blog · 1w ago

I Love Making A Meme Almost No One Gets And Fewer Like

Take one celebrity who was big 30 years ago. Combine with a reference that is totally unrelated to the celebrity and comes from a sporting event with a less than universal appeal that occurr...
David Atkinson's Blog · 1W ago

I Really Have To Wonder If Facebook Revenues Are Down

I really have to wonder if Facebook revenues are down. All of a sudden, I’m getting tons of “notifications” from them separately for each page I run (I have a page for each of my books as we...
David Atkinson's Blog · 1W ago


Tomorrow! The FBOMB Borderland! Come on out! Tuesday June 20 7:30PM at the Mercury Café 2199 California Street, Denver, CO 80205. We think of borders as lines, but nothing in life is that si...