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David Atkinson's Blog · 7h ago

The Last Blockbuster Isn’t Completely Impossible

I laugh about The Last Blockbuster, but I suppose it isn’t completely impossible. When people talk about the decline of Blockbuster, I remember how they drove Applause Video out back in 1991...
David Atkinson's Blog · 1d ago

I Have Never Understood Grocery Store Cream Horns

My dad loves grocery store cream horns. He’s been eating them since I was a kid. I have never understood this. I understand sugar and lard, even puff pastry crust, but these things just seem...
David Atkinson's Blog · 2d ago

My Bank Hates Me

My bank hates me. The branch I goes to has a daily trivia contest. If you guess right, they give you a pack of Smarties. If you guess wrong, they give you Dum Dums. The name of the game is “...
David Atkinson's Blog · 3d ago

Still Thinking About Trying To Beat The Original Final Fantasy With Four White Mages

I’ve mentioned it before, but years ago a friend wondered if one could beat the original Final Fantasy using only four black mages. The idea is that it would be a really hard combination bec...
David Atkinson's Blog · 4d ago

I Got Way Too Much Of A Laugh Out Of This To Not Share This Here Too

I posted this on Facebook, but I got way too much of a laugh out of it to not share it here too: We should most beware when our own jokes make us laugh. But why listen to that?
David Atkinson's Blog · 5d ago

It’s Important To Say You’re Sorry

It’s important to say you’re sorry when you end up being wrong, particularly if you’ve gotten indignant. I know it’s hard to do, and can be really embarrassing, but it is important. Someone ...
David Atkinson's Blog · 6d ago

It’s My Birthday! Buy/Read/Review My Books!

It’s my birthday! Buy/read/review my books! Apocalypse All the Time is post-post-apocalypticism. The apocalypse happens on a weekly (if not daily) basis and Marshall is sick of it. Life is c...
David Atkinson's Blog · 1w ago

Simulation Of The Early Part Of Playing The Original Final Fantasy

Here’s a simulation of the early part of playing the original Final Fantasy. Yup, until you level up enough to go fight Garland, you’ll spend a few hours doing this.
David Atkinson's Blog · 1W ago

This Is Still One Of My Favorite Sequences From This Show

This is still one of my favorite sequences from this show. I loved The Boondocks.
David Atkinson's Blog · 1W ago

Well…I Hit 300 Already

Remember how I said a while back that this looked like a big reading year? Well, I just hit 300 books yesterday (as of time of writing this post). That was only the first week of November, s...