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David Robinson · 1M ago

I Hate Christmas

Christmas is coming and me dad’s run outta fags Please put a tenner in me mam’s handbag If you haven’t got a tenner, a fiver will do If you haven’t got a fiver, your window’s going through H...
David Robinson · 3M ago

The Ongoing Saga of Joe’s Eye

You all know Joe. You should do. He’s mentioned on here often enough and he photobombs more of my videos than is good for my sanity. He’s a rescue dog. Found wandering the streets of Manches...
David Robinson · 3M ago

The Holiday From Hell

So We’re Back Clad in shorts and a T-shirt to combat 28 degrees of subtropical heat, we took off from Arrecife at six last night, and just after ten o’clock, we tootled into three degrees of...
David Robinson · 4M ago

A Week From Hell

I’m thinking of turning to disaster novels… based on my life. Everybody hates Monday morning. I don’t usually because it means all the factory fodder have gone off to their daily toil and I ...
David Robinson · 4M ago

Marmite Manoeuvres

  Had to go to Tesco, as I usually do, but not being a lover of Marmite, I knew nothing of the furore that was Marmitegate. Imagine my surprise, therefore, when I turn into the relevant aisl...
David Robinson · 4M ago

Back Again With A Giveaway (or Two)

Hello. Did you think I’d done a runner? It’s a while since I’ve used the blog. Why? For a start off, I’ve been ill for the better end of two years, and its most marked effect has been throug...
David Robinson · 6M ago

A Family of Olympians

The Rio Olympics come to a close this weekend, and it’s been a fine performance from the B...
David Robinson · 7M ago

A Sunny Day

I have to apologise for this one in advance. It didn’t turn out as good as I expected, but I hope you’ll still get a few chuckles from it. In my defence, we haven’t had much sun round here r...
David Robinson · 7M ago

Giving It Away? Me?

It doesn’t even sound right, does it? But it’s pointed out to me that I am a tightwad, a classic Yorkshireman. I never give anything away. Take, for example, the recent referendum. I got sto...
David Robinson · 8M ago

Tenerife, here we come.

Right, that’s me and the missus shooting off to the Canary Islands for a week of subtropical sunshine. Somebody has to go there. While we’re away be good, and if you can’t be good, take a look around the site. … Continue reading →