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Life With Arfur A slightly irreverent look at living with arthritis

English - Arthritis, Health, Humour
Life With Arfur · 3d ago

Hammer, Tongs and a Sore Throat

  I haven’t put up any of my world-famous videos recently. Well, I say world-famous, there...
Life With Arfur · 1w ago

Blackpool, Saccharin & Baffling Books

You must have heard the old saying: all work and no play makes a man healthy, wealthy and too tired to spend any of his money. Something like that, anyway. Well, I’ve been working seriously ...
Life With Arfur · 1W ago

Just Like Buses

The Sanford 3rd Age Club Mysteries are a bit like buses. You wait ages for one and two come along at the same time… or very nearly the same time. Peril in Palmanova is on pre-order in advanc...
Life With Arfur · 2W ago

Shutting One’s Trap, Opening One’s Ears

They say you should never reveal a lady’s age. Today is my first wife’s birthday and she 67 years old. We’ve been divorced 40 years, so how come I remember her birthday? Well, you tend to re...
Life With Arfur · 2W ago

A Worrying Time

Like many people in this world, I read of the appalling atrocity in Las Vegas yesterday and my thoughts are with those who lost loved ones, and the multitude of injured caught up in this sen...
Life With Arfur · 4W ago

We’re Back

Home again from our travels. Mablethorpe was its usual thrill-fest. While we were there, the traffic lights changed, drawing a massive roar from the crowd… all thirteen of them, fifteen if y...
Life With Arfur · 1M ago

A Few Days Away

It’s that time again when the Robinsons are off on their travels, toddling off to Skegness (Mablethorpe actually, but no one admits to going to Mablethorpe) for a few days. After a stressful...
Life With Arfur · 1M ago

Rainy Days & Brighter News

Monday morning, again. I’ve been retired for a good few years now, and I still get that Mo...
Life With Arfur · 1M ago

Live. For One Day Only

Tomorrow, eleven in the morning, UK time, I will be live on Facebook. It was a challenge laid down by Crooked Cat Books to its authors. Am I up to the challenge? What? You’re looking at the ...
Life With Arfur · 1M ago

The Crooked Cat Summer Sale

Today sees the start of the Crooked Cat Summer Sale which means my titles are knocked down in price. So check out the Sanford 3rd Age Club Mysteries. There are 14 of them, (with more to come) and you’d better … Continue reading →