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Dawn The Crafter · 8M ago


Just back from two weeks in Northern Italy around Lake Garda. We had a great time and have some fab photos which will no doubt feature in future scrap book pages. Here though is a sneak peak...
Dawn The Crafter · 11M ago

Fabric Painting

This week I had a try at some fabric painting. I did some stenciling on a linen shopping bag. I really loved the poppies and thought the stenciling worked really well. I think this is someth...
Dawn The Crafter · 1Y ago

Valentine Wreath

As my machine had to go in for its service and I could not complete any sewing I decided to embark upon a project I had considered a while ago, making a wreath for Valentines day.So starting...
Dawn The Crafter · 1Y ago

No Longer a UFO

I cannot remember when I began this quilted picnic blanket but it is finally finished. I initially bought the fabrics because they caught my eye in amoungst a selection of reduced fat quarte...
Dawn The Crafter · 1Y ago

Fresh from the kiln

Well some of our ceramic bits were out of the kiln having been glazed and fired. Sadly they didn't come out quite as expected, rather patchy, but for a first attempt I was quite pleased. The...
Dawn The Crafter · 1Y ago


As promised here are some pictures of the pottery I have made during the last couple of weeks.My first piece of pottery which got through the firing process.These have been glazed and are re...
Dawn The Crafter · 1Y ago


Off to my second pottery class tonight. We will be able to see if what we made last week made it through the firing process. Pictures will follow if they did.I am also hopeful, that tonight,...
Dawn The Crafter · 1Y ago

All Wrapped Up For Christmas 2016

I know I promised to get blogging again but sadly other things got in the way so I failed to keep the promise, however, New Year, new promise. I am going to try and do a post at least once e...
Dawn The Crafter · 1Y ago

Hopeless blogger

Hi folks sorry but of late there has been a lot going on and blogging has not been really at the fore front of my mind. This, however, I promise is going to change and I will I promise be ba...
Dawn The Crafter · 1Y ago

Great Day

We had a great time last weekend at the Wisley Flower Show