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Days of Our Trailers · 1d ago

What's In A Name Pt II

To add to a previous post about the rotating names/terminology of 'gun control'.The group led by Gabby Gifford's husband as his own personal slush fund is starting a chain of department stor...
Days of Our Trailers · 2d ago

"No One's Coming For Your Guns"

Hear it all the time. Gun nuts are paranoid and delusional. The Gun Lobby is just trying to sell more guns.  Etc. Etc.Then there's this:Synopsis As Introduced Amends the Criminal Code of...
Days of Our Trailers · 1W ago

OGRE Online @SJGames

From their Daily Illuminator:Ogre Video Game Available Now On SteamYou've faced the deadli...
Days of Our Trailers · 2W ago

The Smell of Varnish @Dogmight

As noted previously, I've been a fan of Dog Might Games for some time.  While I may not pi...
Days of Our Trailers · 2W ago

I Can Quit Any Time I Like

To expand on a FB post showing off our OGRE goodies.I started collecting when my sister bo...
Days of Our Trailers · 4W ago

Hitting Close To Home Updates

News is reporting a school shooting in the next town over.  Reports are one student injured and suspect in custody.The real fun is going to be the rumor mongering.  Some students are apparen...
Days of Our Trailers · 1M ago

Conspiracy Theory KS @SJGames

Go forth and conspirate
Days of Our Trailers · 1M ago

Charleston Hike 2: We Found Maps

The male spawnlings came w/ me as the CinC and female spawn had animal stuff to do.The tra...
Days of Our Trailers · 1M ago

Charleston Hike 1

So in an escape from the internet, the family went hiking at the trails around Lake Charle...
Days of Our Trailers · 1M ago

Jobu Needs a Refill

So a bit back I picked up a 20-sider from Artisan Dice.  Not just any 20-sider but one made of Mammoth tusk ivory.  It had a nice cedar case but not something to really show off its magnificence. Until today.Thanks to Jolly Blackburn, creator of Knig...